Cool City Lab-Naples


Cool City-Naples will consist of lectures, round tables, guided tours, tutorials, collection of data, and on field-experiences aimed at the production of the Water Atlas of Naples, mapping project of the dense network of waterways that are largely forgotten over time—rivers, streams, springs, and abandoned stretches of ancient aqueducts where the water continues to flow to date. Orientation and explorative tours of the workshop site(s) with experts will take you to two selected sites in Naples, each with fascinating hydrological history that traces back to ancient Roman, even Greek period, supported lectures by, and discussions with, expertise in the fields of urban design, air pollution, hydraulic systems, air conditioning systems, environmental engineering, biology, urban sociology, archeology, and geology.

Focusing on the recovery of dispersed and no longer used water to mitigate the rising temperature in the city, Cool City-Naples workshop is for generating ideas and designs how abundant spring waters and underground canals could be revitalized to engender ecological and sustainable contribution the world wide effort to combat the global and urban warming from the CO2 emissions and other pollutants and heat generating machines and activities. And some of the questions that will guide us will be;

  • How can we intervene effectively in an urban environment and its polity?

  • How can we create a sustainable and ecologically diversified environment within the historical centers of European cities?

  • How can one operate effectively and in compliance with the preexistence?