CooL City Lab - Seoul

Bringing together ideas from urban design, hydraulic cooling systems, environmental engineering, biology, urban sociology, archeology, and geology, COOL

CITY LAB - SEOUL will begin by exploring and mapping the highly developed river and creek-based linear park system of Bukchon, then move onto Naples

to study its unique and volcanic chronology, with lectures, round tables, guided tours, tutorials, collection of data, and in-field experiences aimed at the

production of the Water Atlas of Seoul.

Then COOL CITY will move to the Korean pavilion at the Venice Biennale, where the learnings and study of the two cities will be integrated to imagine the

macro and micro level of urban interventions to generate ideas and design to increase biodiversity through urban re-naturalization, alternative cooling

infrastructure, increase resilience to climate change, and urban regeneration and new developments that can increase both Green and Blue Areas to better

the quality of cities.