Department of Visual Arts / University of California, San Diego

Inhabiting Water & Fluidity of Architecture

by Raffaele Marone

The lecture will be developed in two parts. The first part is poetic of “exalted architecture,” such as the inside/outside relation in a building, the scale and the body, space as sequences, states of mind into space, sound, and space, contemporaneity as the continuous transfiguration of historical elements. With the states of mind as the core to perceptions of space, architecture design shapes the structure of “exalted living space” where different sensual effects in different spaces.

The second part is about how opposite density lives together in architectural spaces, such as emptiness for human living and fullness for water. In other parities of architecture, there is the relationship of the buildings with the urban and natural landscape, the role of time in the perception of living space. Architect Marone will also talk about water in architecture, such as aqueduct facilities (water reservoirs, pumping station), a river sound listening room, a floodable exhibition building in a river bed, pools in dwellings and services complex, and how water can be used as a sort of a fluid construction material creating different states of mind in living spaces in “exalted architecture.”

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