Short Summary

Having spent many years studying, working, and living in Toronto, we have been witness to many of the city's radical changes. One constant however, has remained - the city's homeless population. City of Sleeping Bags' goal is to give back to those in need in our own small way. Through our fundraising campaigns, we aim to distribute sleeping bags to members of the community who are forced to spend their nights on the street. Many of those in need are reluctant to travel the distance to shelters, and, in many cases, if they do make the trek, those same shelters are more often than not at capacity. Toronto is a beautiful city, but how can we appreciate our city, if we do not first appreciate those living in it? It is time to act. EVERY dollar donated goes towards the purchase of sleeping bags that, through our own distribution efforts, and coordination with other Toronto homeless services, will be delivered to the homeless in Toronto.

Earlier this winter, two men in the Toronto area were found dead on the street after a severe cold snap ( They were unable, or unwilling, to stay in a shelter where they would have survived the night. Lacking proper resources, the homeless do not stand a chance braving the cold. Whatever their reason for not making it to a shelter, they do not deserve to be left alone to fend for themselves in the harsh weather conditions experienced in Toronto.

A solution has to be found, and quickly. City of Sleeping Bags' winter 2015 campaign aims to raise enough money to put towards supplies which will help the homeless stay warm this season. With an initial goal of 100 sleeping bags, we do not intend to stop there; any money raised over our initial goal will be put towards additional cold-weather supplies. This campaign goal is only possible with YOUR help.

What We Need 

With the funds we raise, we will be purchasing sleeping bags, as well as other cold-weather survival necessities. Our main focus is to first distribute sleeping bags to those who spend their nights on the street. Beyond this however, other amenities are required such as: hand-warmers, socks, gloves, winter hats, Tim Hortons and other food gift cards. We understand that while providing a warm bed is essential to cold-weather survival, other needs are just as significant. Cold-weather survival packs will be put together and distributed alongside the sleeping bags, to ensure that we provide as many people with the tools they need to brave the cold.

We will be videotaping their reactions (with their consent of course) while we hand out the sleeping bags, and will post the videos to our website. 

After making a donation, feel free to leave a short comforting message which we will be distributing along alongside the sleeping bag to the homeless.

What You Get

The first 10 people to donate $100 will receive a "City Of Sleeping Bags" T-Shirt after we reach our goal.

In addition to this, you will have the satisfaction of knowing your donations will be going towards the members of your community who need your help most. 

Risks & Challenges

The biggest challenge we face is not reaching our goal, however that's okay! If we do not achieve our goal by the deadline, we will use what we have raised & go ahead in buying as many sleeping bags as we can. Every contribution makes a difference. We are very grateful for every donation made!

If your generous donations surpass our goal, we will put it towards the purchase of additional sleeping bags, as well as other cold-weather supplies.

The 100 Sleeping Bags Project

Other Ways You Can Help

If you live in the GTA area and would like to volunteer please email us to join in on this journey and hand out these sleeping bags once the campaign is over, one bag at a time! Email us at