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Cozy Cuddle Corner

Hi there friends, today I want to show you this cozy cuddle corner in my home. I have never really shown this part of the house, because it isn’t really that blog worthy. Or hasn’t until now anyways. Because today I thought, I’d share it here. 

This is part of our home office. My husband works from home and has his small office downstairs. It’s right next to the entrance, just when you walk into the house. It is a small room and most part is occupied by his desk and office stuff. I had my desk in there as well, until the summer, when I got rid of it. It was just a major dumping ground of all sorts. And I had realized, that I never really used it anyways. When ever I craft or do anything, I go outside or use our big dining room table. I know, not the ideal way, but our house is small and that’s just how it is right now. I felt, like my desk was using precious space that could be taken advantage of in better ways. 

Cozy Cuddle Corner

So when my desk was out of there, I bought a big storage wardrobe that fit right next to my husbands desk and holds all of our files and most of my craft stash. When all of that was out of the way and stored and organized, there was still this whole beautiful corner to work with! Why have a desk in there that doesn’t really get used anyways?? Less is more people! Believe me!

And when the weather started to be too wet to have our outdoor sofa cushions still outside, I decided to bring them in and just have them on the floor like a small corner sofa. I honestly don’t know, how I managed to store them last year in our storage room outside. I love throwing stuff out and making room and live in a more simple kind of way, so this was just perfect! 

Making the most out of a small corner

My husband doesn’t let me touch his desk, but believe me, it needs a desperate makeover. Maybe some other time. For now though, I am so happy with how this little corner turned out right now. And that we have an extra spot, a cuddle corner to hang out in. My daughter goes here often to read when she doesn’t want to be alone upstairs. Or, when someone wants to watch TV in the living room, there is now this spot to come to for some quiet time. 

The slim shelf fit right into that small corner that also used to be wasted space. Now it holds some books, some of my decor and also boats my father in law made for my daughters. They deserve a shelf spot for sure! 

I’ve added some fairy lights to the plant and the little plant holder was a small side table during the summer months outside. It used to be a sewing basket in it’s previous life. Here it got a perfect spot I think. 

I’ve added some seasonal touches to the space using pillows, some fairy lights and red berries. The gallery wall is made of my favourite Christmas cards I have received, one of them from my mom who passed away many years ago. Every year when I open it, read it and hang it up somewhere in my home, I still choke back tears and miss her so much. It would be also her birthday this week, so I am extra sensible…

I know, that this is just a small spot and you couldn’t even call it family room, but it makes a big difference that we have extra space to live in. Even if it is so small. We try to make the most of our 1500 sq.ft home and are enjoying this cozy corner a lot right now! 

Thank you so much for stopping by today, I appreciate it and wish you a great day! 

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    11/12/2018 at 5:56 pm

    Love your cozy corner! 🙂

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      12/12/2018 at 7:24 pm

      Thank you Elizabeth!

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    18/12/2018 at 1:24 am

    This is such a pretty corner space Katrin. I could imagine sitting there with my feet up and reading a good book. And it’s nice to be close to the hubs while he is working. You have made it warm and inviting.

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