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Re-using What´s Already There: Simple Tray Centerpiece

How to quickly set up a simple tray centerpiece with what you already own.

This Christmas season, besides some new and cheap pillow covers, I haven’t shopped for anything new. I have used everything I already owned and the Holiday decor that I had stored away. Just in different spots. Sometimes you forget what you own, when it’s stored in a box. I have mentioned many times how I am more for the minimal kind of lifestyle and decor. It can be hard and believe me, I struggle many times, and I do love to shop! But I usually buy what I really need and what I really like and know that it can be used over and over. And don’t want my blog to be about buying more or getting more.

simple tray centerpiece northernfeeling.com

I love going out and seeing what my favourite stores offer and most of the times, just by window shopping, I get inspired to re-use what I already own. I’m not always in the position or need for new home decor items either, so I window shop and go on from there.

So why not look at what you already have and think of how to display it differently. Winter decor, you know, after-Christmas decor, New Year’s, is all about a refresh, growth and excitement! My Winter decor is pretty much the same I had all year, just re-used and repurposed. I have to admit, I did buy a candle and a little light when we were in Canada, but knowing well where it would go and why.

Simple Tray Centerpiece

No affiliate links in this post, because if you look around your house, you will find similar items to the ones I used and you won’t need to buy a thing!

What I have used:

a tray

potted plants [succulents]

a candle light

a lantern

a string of little lights

The tray is actually a DIY project I made for my old blog Kreativ K. You can find out all about that repurpose here.

simple tray centerpiece northernfeeling.com

Lights and candles are my number one cozy feature this time of year, or probably all year round! More cozy tips on decor are here.

simple tray centerpiece northernfeeling.com

So adding little lights and a candle to the tray was for sure! I already used the little lantern before in my Holiday centerpiece, just with different lights in them.

Tip: To make the lantern seem fuller, I put a transparent zip lock bag underneath the string of bulbs first. It reflects the lights and you don’t see it. 

simple tray centerpiece northernfeeling.com

And to mix things up a bit and add something green and fresh, I grabbed some of my succulents from the garden and put them in between the lights. Done! That’s all! A brand new centerpiece!

simple tray centerpiece northernfeeling.com
simple tray centerpiece northernfeeling.com
simple tray centerpiece northernfeeling.com
simple tray centerpiece northernfeeling.com
simple tray centerpiece northernfeeling.com

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simple tray centerpiece // northernfeeling.com

I hope you got inspired to set up your own little centerpiece without having to go out and shop!

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  • Reply
    Michelle Leslie
    14/01/2019 at 2:47 pm

    I do so love the way you decorate, but I think you know that already 😀 We tidied up a whole bunch of our cupboards over the festive season and found so many things that I had completely forgotten we had. Aaaaai why do we hoard so much? A whole bunch of stuff got donated to a friend of ours’ sister who lost so many things in a shack fire and the rest have been packed away neatly so we can start using it again. Shopping your own cupboards is actually a lot of fun

    • Reply
      14/01/2019 at 7:41 pm

      haha, thanks friend!! You never know what you stored away a few months or years ago, right?? I always get surprised how I end up keeping so much stuff, cause I’m pretty good at getting rid of things. Sometimes too fast, cause then I regret it later, when I get ideas to re-purpose.

  • Reply
    14/01/2019 at 3:06 pm

    Katrin I love that candle holder it has so much texture and a unique shape too. I like your idea of using a zip lock bag under the lights. You know that I am also all about reusing what we have. Well this year I decided to keep the lights up that I have draped all around the bookcases and in the evening they add such a lovely glow to the whole room. Great idea.

    • Reply
      14/01/2019 at 7:43 pm

      Yes, little lights are definitely a year round decor piece! Love them so much and when the days are dark and short they’re perfect to feel cozy and homey.

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