Best Festivals to Visit in France

Attending festivals is one of the ways of getting yourself entertained. Festivals are always lively, memorable and unforgettable. But what if I am in a place that I am new to, and I don’t know which of the festivals to attend/visit? What if I decided to go a France and I want to attend some of their festivals, which one will I choose to attend? Of course, not all festivals are always interesting, some festivals can be very boring and time wasting, some can even serve as a time waster, which I may regret attending. So, in this piece, I will be talking mainly about some of the most interesting festivals to attend in France which is very rich in culture and very incredible. If you are living in France, then you should take time to check out some of these festivals celebrated in France, a country filled with French history and myth.

  • Berck Sur Mer Kite Festival: in this festival, you are set to see flying giant pigs, lizards, and crabs whales, etc, flying high in the sky. This is a place to watch experts all around the world as they compete against the wind and also each other.
  • Roland Garros: this is a major tennis event that is held for over two weeks in Paris. It is also known as the French open. Reviling its winner, June of every year makes it a demanding show.
  • Menton Lemon Festival: oranges and lemons overtake the city of Menton for two weeks every spring. With about 10 meters high statues and models which were made from citrus in the Bioves Gardens, there are parades of fruits covered floats both day and night. Drinks, soaps, jams perfumes, etc all made from lemon can be bought from this festival.
  • Bastille Day in Paris: one of the biggest and most important festival in the French history is the Bastille day, which comes up on the 14th of July every year. It is a celebration of the storming Bastille and the inception of the French revolution. It comes with a massive parade, free concerts, fireman’s balls, etc at the tower of Eiffel. If you want to feel the best view of the fireworks, then you will need to go very early to the Trocadero gardens, the Parc de Belleville, etc.
  • Cannes festival: this is a film festival for lovers of films. A festival where actors and actresses show off their newest films while competing for the most prestigious award “the Palme d’Or”. There are plenty of red carpet to be enjoyed here, so do not be despondent.
  • Festival of Avignon: at the courtyard of the pope’s palace, and other places in the city of Avignon, you will watch a French or world premiere of new musical or theatre production.
  • The Nice Carnival: live in the street of Nice, you will join over 600,000 people partying. This is where the carnival king shows fans that he has more strings off his bows.
  • Choregies d’Orange: this is one of the world’s best settings to enjoy an opera. It is a roman theatre in the orange city, having a semi-circular stone seating settings.