Essential Tips for Surviving a Festival

Festivals are held everywhere all over the world. Festivals bring people together for the social convention, and also they give us the chance to meet people with similar interest. Either you a lover of music, religion, food, tourism, culture or tradition, there is a festival for you. Planning for a celebration is necessary to ensure that you have the best memorable time you can have. Knowing the essential tips for surviving a festival will help you to stay safe, and most of all make the festival one you will always look out for. Here are some of the essential tips for surviving a festival.


If you are visiting a place far from your home and you do not have anywhere you can stay, it is essential for you to find a place to wait for the period of the festival. You can seek out the best hotels around and lodge there during the period of the festival. If you are on a low budget and cannot afford a hotel or guest in, you don’t have to worry. You can set up tents and put in sleeping bags. While you’re trying to set up your tent ensure that you carefully choose the right spot that is not far from where the events are happening. Avoid setting up your tents close to toilets, watchtowers and security lights except you find the unpleasant smell, sound of a generator or blinding lights comfortable. Be sure you identify your tent to avoid unnecessary embarrassment.


If you are going as a group then forming a circle will be a good idea. Make sure that the opening of your tents face inwards in such a way that you can chat with each other. It is also a good idea to user tapes or windbreaks in between the spaces of your tent so that you can try to stop people from strolling through your camp.  Decide where to meet at a specific time. You may probably be thinking about cellphones, but connections won’t be at its best. So if possible stick together with your circle. If you don’t have a group or friends, you don’t have to worry you will find it easy to fit into a category or clique at a festival.


If you are at a festival, there are several things that may hinder your pleasure, from unfavorable weather condition to forgetting something essential. Sanitizers and wipes are a must, and you cannot afford to remember any of those as there won’t be free wipes at toilets and if there are they will be exhausted quickly. Hand sanitizers and wipes are necessary to avoid infections. You should also take enough water with you because you don’t want to get dehydrated at the peak of an event. If you are thinking that you are going to get it at the festival, the vendor lines will be long, and you may not be able to afford the luxury of queuing. Torch and headland are also necessary for easy navigation around your camp during the night. Sleep bags, emergency first aid kits, sunscreen and pull over are also required to weather unpleasant weather condition.


Don’t forget that the reason you are at the festival is to have fun. Loosen up yourself, take part in different activities and also don’t forget to take the pictures of every moment to ensure that you can relive the memory anytime you see the pictures.