Defensive wise, I would shift Tony Dye back to SS and have either Tevin Mcdonald or Dalton H. play safety. D. Riley can back up Tony Dye get reps and gain valuable experience. It seems as if everyone is out of position. I would start Kendricks at Sam and bench Westgate. I would shift the D-line up. Maybe move Datone to D-tackle.

Offensive wise, I would never play Embree again, sorry no hard feelings. I would play Carrol, Marvay and Lucien much more, and actually throw to them. I would have K. Prince moved to 3rd string QB and have Hundley be 2nd string. Kevin has had every chance to win the starting spot outright but has never come through, we have seen all that Prince has to offer and it isn't enough. I don't think RB has enough to be our starting QB either, he is not the answer. Howerver, I have high hopes for Hundley. Coleman deserves much more playing time, he is my favorite Bruin on the team hands down.

Just my thoughts. I love the site and I hope it continues to grow. Go Bruins!