Famous French DJs And Modern Artists

There are more truly amazing and talented DJ’s than you likely listen to on a regular basis. They are talented at creating electronic music and remixing songs to build a new unique sound. Many of the artists that you listen to today (perhaps even to your surprise) hail from the country of France. They are making themselves known around the world and bringing more honor to their home country. Let’s take a look at a few of the top DJ’s who have come from this land.

David Guetta

He is now practically a household name, I’m sure we can all name at least one of his songs. He has sold millions of albums all over the world and is also a remixer, songwriter and record producer. He is known to collaborate with several musicians to produce unique and powerful music that is very popular and commercially successful. He has performed all over the world, putting on amazing shows for devoted fans! David Guetta is not slowing down anytime soon either, he is continually creating new music and touring in different towns.

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Laurent Garnier

Another French DJ who has been active since 1986 and is credited for being one of the first people to really introduce electronic style music to the general public. He has been working long and hard to bring the electronic music scene to the forefront all over the world, not just in his homeland. While France has long been into the electronic dance scene, the rest of the world is only just coming around to it. Much of that is due to this man and his hard work in the industry.

Martin Solveig

A French DJ who also hosts a radio show that is broadcasted worldwide. He is also a singer, songwriter and record producer who has been in the business since 1994 and has in the past worked as a DJ at several of the top French nightclubs. He has toured and performed all over the world. His songs are upbeat and light hearted, making for a great dance sound that everyone is inclined to dance to.

Hugo Pierre Leclercq

Stage name Madeon, this DJ is young and ambitious but has already become famous through his work. He, in fact, was nominated in 2017 for two electronic music awards, and he has only been active as a DJ since 2005. His ability to mix songs is very good and his status really increased thanks to his mixes that he placed on YouTube in 2011. Like many young artists today, he grew through the internet and has a huge loyal following to thank for his success. He has since performed at Coachella in California and the New York Electric Daisy Festival.

So much of the great electronic music that we love to dance to today comes from these great DJ’s, and they come from France. There must be something in the water there that creates unique artistic geniuses. Next time you are listening to one of their songs, remember the beautiful country that they come from.