Hip Places to Visit in France for Young Travelers

It is helpful to know what places to visit when you are in France, and it is also useful to know which locales will be enjoyed the most by young people. Undoubtedly, some locations will be more appealing to youngsters than others because there may be more activities and other youngsters there for you to meet and get to know. If you’re going to France soon, this is the article for you!

Jardin des Plantes

A great cool place to hang out in France is the “Jardin des plantes” which is the main botanical gardens of the country. In addition, there is also a zoo to visit within the venue and the whole area makes a great place to be and have a picnic with your pals. If you like museums, be sure to visit the ones that are also situated here. Students, especially those interested in nature and science, should find this interesting and there’s the added bonus of being away from the crowds of tourists, which is quite refreshing.


Many young people travel on a budget, which means that they are looking for great places to visit that will not cost a fortune yet are still fun and interesting.  One such place is the city of Lille which is situated close to the border with Belgium and offers relaxing activities that will not break the bank! Check out the natural history museum with its great insectarium and also the large flea market during the month of September, if you happen to be visiting at that time, which is great fun for hunting down some special item. When you get hungry, try some affordable and great tasting pizza at the “Il Piccolino”.


Nice is another great city to visit and is second only to Paris in its popularity with travelers and visitors. The city is situated on the French Riviera and thus has stunning views of the Mediterranean Sea with great beaches to walk on and hang out on. Whilst there, sample the local food which is absolutely delicious and walk around the city take in all the amazing architecture.


If you like surfing, then a hip place to visit is Hossegor that is a small coastal town located in the southwestern part of France. The town is known for its water sports, such as wind surfing and paddle boarding and other outdoor activities including biking and hiking. This little town depends heavily on surfing for its economy and is a terrific place to visit for that iconic surfing, relaxed experience. If you are into outdoor sports then this would be the place to visit, especially as it wouldn’t be too expensive either.


Paris is notoriously expensive, but it is possible to afford if you are on a budget and there are certainly some hip things to do there. You can picnic next to the Eiffel tower for just the cost of some great cheese and bread and nothing says France more than this grand land mark! Maybe visit one of the many flea markets to see if you can find something interesting and affordable which will serve as a fun moment of a trip to one of Europe’s trendiest destinations.