Top 5 Best French Songs That Should Be On Your Playlist

Are you looking to listen to some of the best French songs at the moment? Come on board as we take you through some of the French songs that should be at the top of your playlist.

“Mon Petit Pays” By Frerodelavega

This is a fascinating youthful group who attained fame and success in  a short time after their debut. Living in the same neighborhood and also classmates, Jérémy Frérot and Florian Garcia’s Youtube music videos were discovered by a producer.These young men from Paris have great churned out some memorable pop songs. I would endorse this track for specialist or new learners; this is because a lot of the words are simple and straight forward even for beginners. This melody is another perfect one to help practice your French  verbs and pronouns.

“J’aibesoin De La Lune” By Manu Chao

The amazing fact about Chao is the transparency and clarity if his Style. His style of music is ideal for beginners seeking out new challenges . This particular song is great for creating phrases with avoirbesoin de and also to probe your knowledge of pronouns in French

“J’me tire” By Maître Gims

Have you ever listened to someone who raps in French? Try out Maitre Gim!  From the capital of the Democratic Republic of Congo, Maître Gims , relocated to Paris with his family as immigrants  in the ’80s. This made his childhood and upbringing difficult and harsh in the numerous common homes in Paris, these all reflecting in his style of music. From these, you can learn about the ordeals  of the guys who sneak into France from other countries that speak French. This song is perfect for music madlibs, as Gims takes it slow and steady to make sure he passes down his message to his audience. The song is just too good. You are surely going to enjoy it. You can also check out another of his hit track ”Changer” if you enjoyed this song.

 “Parlez-nous à boire” By Cajun Red Stars

The amazing fact about la musique cadienne (Canadian) is that it takes a little bit instrumental and quite easy on the words,  this means its just the perfect style even for newbies that are just learning French. The Cajun Red stars have achieved quite a lot of success since the inception of their music career. Their songs are loved by French speakers all over the world. The stars are based majorly in Berlin and are making quite a good name for themselves. This track is one of their beautiful creation and you should check it out if you love good French music.

“Tous Les Mêmes” By Stromae

He’s originally  good looking, learned and one of the orthodox artists that challenge social oppressions. This amazing young man is diverse both as an artist and as a person. He was born in Belgium to a Belgian mother from Flanders (this is the Flemish-speaking part of Belgium) and a Rwandan father. His songs are focused on gender stereotypes and social norms.