Underground Music Scene in Paris

Paris is a city that has, for a long time, been associated with culture, arts and music. Many famous and well-established music artists have played in Paris. However, there is also a very vibrant and active underground music scene that can be found in Paris, especially in the eastern district of the city. Underground music is often the one that has not entered mainstream commercial success but could be the start of a new genre or sound of music. It is therefore fun to visit these underground music scenes as you can catch some very unique sounds and performances that one day may become popular or even found new genres.

Where to See It

There are a couple of places in Paris where you can listen to underground music. An example of one of these locations is L’Espace B which is a club that has a small concert hall in it. New up and coming bands in Paris play at this club which has performances every night of the week. Some famous musicians have started their careers by playing in small clubs such as the La Factory club. David Guetta apparently started off his career by performing there. Other venues, where you can see some less well-known performers, include Le Batofar and La Maroquinerie. Le Batofar is a small night club and dance venue where various musicians can be heard.

Underground Parties and New Acts

There has been a resurgence of underground parties in Paris as well, some in celebration of inclusiveness, such as for the LGBTQ rights. There are new clubs opening and warehouse parties being held. The underground music scene seems to be making a very strong comeback in Paris. Plenty of underground and techno music artists can be seen at the Showcase club. A techno music club called the Concrete is found on a boat and is very popular with the young people of the city. A new club called Virgo that opened in 2015 has also become very popular. Badaboum is another great music club where you can catch some new acts.

In addition, another small club that is becoming popular is Rosa Bonheur. This club prides itself on inclusivity and is popular among a range of people. A nightclub that can literally be found underground is at Bellevilloise, where you can see some new music artists at work. They also have a DJ on Saturday nights and play various genres of music at different times.

OFF Parties

What is now very big in the underground scene are the so called OFF parties. These are similar to the raves of the 1990s era. They are held in different large warehouses throughout the city and often include thousands of people and a massive sound system. Since the venue changes all the time, people have to follow on Facebook to find out when and where the next OFF party will be held. There is no lack of music in Paris and, certainly, the underground music scene is only growing in popularity with new clubs being opened all the time.