Welcome To Northern Feeling!

[formerly Kreativ K]

A while back I started this blogging journey as Kreativ K, but the name “Northern Feeling”  just reflects my life & person so much better I believe.

I am still the same behind it all though!

Katrin, mom of two, wife & kindergarten teacher by day, who needs a creative outlet at night or when ever there is time for it.

The love for simplicity & minimalism, simple DIY’s & decor on a budget is still strong and I just have always been drawn to everything Nordic.

Less is more is my motto and Hygge is my mood!

I’m a coffee addict!

I am an introvert and an absolute homebody!

I am German, have lived in Canada and am currently living in the South of Spain. I enjoy living here, but deep down I will always be a northern girl.

I hope my little blog inspires you, Thank you so much for stopping by!