Is Dark Blue a Good Color for a House?

midnight blue dark blue house

Dark blue houses are turning heads in neighborhoods everywhere. You’ve probably noticed this bold trend and wondered if it’s the right choice for your own home.

It’s a big decision that can dramatically change your property’s look and feel. Don’t worry – we’ve got you covered.

This article will explore why dark blue is a popular exterior color and help you decide if it is right for your house.

We’ll look at shades of dark blue for houses, how they work in various architectural styles, and tips for making this color shine.

By the end, you’ll see whether dark blue is the perfect hue to give your home a fresh, eye-catching look.

Is Dark Blue a Good Color for a House?

Dark blue can be an excellent choice for house exteriors. This color has gained popularity in recent years, and for good reason. Here’s why:

  • Modern and Trendy: Dark blue gives homes a fashionable and contemporary look. It stands out without being too bold or flashy. Many homeowners choose dark blue to update their appearance and boost curb appeal.
  • Highlights Features: Dark blue is a beautiful color that shows off a house’s best features. It makes windows look bigger and brighter, and gardens and landscaping pop against a dark blue background, creating a beautiful contrast.
  • Versatility: Dark blue works well with many different home styles. Whether your house is traditional, contemporary, or somewhere in between, dark blue can fit right in. It also pairs nicely with various trim colors, from crisp white to warm wood tones.

Pros of Dark Blue for House Exteriors

Aesthetic Appeal

Dark blue brings a unique charm to house exteriors. It adds a touch of class that’s hard to match with other colors.

Many homeowners find that dark blue gives their home a more upscale look without breaking the bank. Dark blue doesn’t go out of style quickly.

Unlike trendy colors that may look dated in a few years, dark blue has staying power. It’s a color choice you can feel good about for the long haul.


One of the best things about dark blue is how well it works with other colors. It looks great with white trim for a classic look or with grey for a more modern feel.

Natural wood accents also stand out beautifully against dark blue. Whether your home is a sleek modern design, a cozy cottage, or a beachside retreat, dark blue can work for you. It’s a flexible color that fits many different home styles.

Highlighting Features

Dark blue is a great color for showcasing your home’s best features. It can also make interesting textures and design details pop.

If your house has unique architectural elements, dark blue can help draw attention. A dark blue exterior creates a stunning backdrop for your landscaping.

Plants and flowers look even more vibrant against this rich color, making your whole property eye-catching.

Cons of Dark Blue for House Exteriors

Maintenance Issues

While dark blue can look stunning, it does come with some upkeep challenges. Dirt, dust, and other marks appear more clearly in dark colors.

This means you might need to clean your home’s exterior more often to keep it looking its best. Strong sunlight can cause dark colors to fade over time.

Depending on your location, the dark blue becomes less vivid as years pass. This could mean more frequent touch-ups or repainting to maintain the rich color.

Heat Absorption

Dark colors, including dark blue, tend to soak up more heat from the sun. This can affect the temperature inside your home, especially during the hot summer months.

You might find your air conditioning needs to work harder to keep your home cool. Dark blue might not be the best choice for homes in very warm climates.

The extra heat absorption could lead to higher energy bills and less comfort indoors. Lighter colors that reflect more sunlight might be a better option in these areas.

Inspirational Ideas for Dark Blue House Exteriors

Inspirational Ideas for Dark Blue House Exteriors

  1. Vibrant Persian Blue: Bright and lively with white trims, this shade works well for small homes and tropical areas. It gives a fresh, relaxing look that makes spaces appear larger.
  2. Dark Royal Blue: This deep, rich hue pairs beautifully with white trims and dark-colored roofs. It’s particularly striking on bungalow-type homes, adding a touch of elegance.
  3. Deep Aqua Blue For homes with standout design features, deep aqua blue offers a majestic and dramatic backdrop. It’s great for highlighting unique architectural elements.
  4. Light Navy Blue: Light navy blue is a good choice to blend in with your neighborhood while still making a statement. It works well in three-color schemes for a harmonious look.
  5. Midnight Blue: Practical yet pleasing, midnight blue with contrasting trims is ideal for portable cabins and storage sheds. It adds character to smaller structures.
  6. Metallic Blue: This shade beautifully highlights textures. Pair it with red trims for extra character. It’s a great fit for semi-urban houses, adding a modern touch.
  7. Steel Blue: Steel blue is an excellent choice for larger homes with a classic hometown vibe. It creates a welcoming atmosphere.
  8. Teal Blue: Teal blue with white contours offers a contemporary style perfect for small to medium-sized homes. It’s fresh and stylish without being overwhelming.
  9. Faded Blue: Ideal for homes with wide outdoor spaces, faded blue creates a relaxed, villa-style look. It’s perfect for achieving a beachy, laid-back vibe.
  10. Denim Blue: Modern and sophisticated, denim blue looks great on multi-story houses. Paired with white trims, it creates a clean, polished appearance.


Dark blue is a captivating choice for house exteriors, offering a perfect blend of style and versatility.

This shade suits every home style, from the sleek look of midnight blue to the relaxed vibe of faded blue.

This color adds elegance, highlights architectural features, and creates a stunning backdrop for landscaping.

While it may require more upkeep due to its tendency to show dirt and absorb heat, the visual impact often outweighs these challenges.

Whether aiming for a modern, traditional, or coastal look, dark blue can help you achieve your vision.

As you plan your next exterior paint project, consider the shades of dark blue we’ve explored.

With the right approach, you can create a home exterior that’s both striking and timeless.

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