Mandarin Oriental at Brickell Key: New Hotel & Condo Residences

Mandarin Oriental at Brickell Key: New Hotel & Condo Residences

Miami’s Brickell Key is on the cusp of a remarkable transformation with the impending demolition of the existing Mandarin Oriental towers in 2025. It marks the beginning of an exciting new chapter, one that promises to redefine luxury living and hospitality in Miami when it’s completed in 2029.

The second iteration of the Mandarin Oriental is set to become an iconic landmark, perfectly capturing the essence of Miami’s modern allure. In the following article, we’ll delve into the details of this exciting project and explore the visionary concept behind the new towers at Brickell Key.

Capturing Miami’s Essence

Capturing Miami's Essence

The forthcoming Mandarin Oriental project isn’t just a set of new buildings; it’s a symbol of Miami’s essence. It encapsulates the city’s modern allure, combining luxury with innovation in a way that reflects the dynamic spirit of this coastal metropolis.

The architectural style of these towers masterfully marries modern sophistication with timeless elegance. Their sleek glass facades and contemporary design elements solidify their status as luminous beacons of luxury in the dynamic Brickell Key skyline, setting new standards for refined living in this vibrant city.

The Residences at Mandarin Oriental, Miami

The first of the two magnificent towers, The Residences at Mandarin Oriental, will rise to an impressive height of 800 feet. This vertical marvel will be home to 220 exquisite condo units, each meticulously designed to redefine the standards of opulence.

The soaring height of the tower ensures that residents will not only enjoy a privileged lifestyle but also breathtaking views of Biscayne Bay, enhancing the overall living experience. Whether it’s the early morning sunrise over the bay or the tranquil hues of sunset, owners of the Residences at Mandarin Oriental condos will have a front-row seat to Miami’s natural beauty.

Luxurious Living Spaces

Within The Residences at Mandarin Oriental Miami, residents will find an array of living spaces that epitomize luxury. The units, ranging from two to five bedrooms, offer spacious floor plans that provide both comfort and elegance. However, nothing beats the spaciousness and marvelous views of two incredible penthouses spanning over 6,000 feet.

Parisian designer Tristan Auer leaves his unmistakable mark on the interiors. With a career marked by collaborations with prestigious luxury brands, Auer’s mission is clear: to infuse European elegance into every facet of these residences, creating an atmosphere of opulence and sophistication that harmonizes perfectly with the stunning bay views.

Penthouse Opulence

Among the crown jewels of this development are the duplex penthouses spanning more than 6,000 square feet. These exclusive residences exemplify the epitome of waterfront luxury, with panoramic views of the sea and unparalleled opulence.

While every residence within the towers enjoys stunning water vistas, the penthouses occupy a realm of exclusivity that sets them apart. Reserved for those who demand the very best, they represent the zenith of coastal living, where every moment is a celebration of lavishness.

The North American Mandarin Oriental Condo-Hotel

Standing alongside its taller counterpart, the North American Mandarin Oriental condo hotel asserts itself at a lofty 400 feet above ground. This exceptional tower is not just a hotel; it’s a symphony of 151 hotel rooms, 61 private residences, and 28 condo-hotel units, taking Miami luxury condominiums to the next level.

Its architectural brilliance and seamless integration with the taller tower make it an indispensable facet of the Mandarin Oriental Residences.

The North American Mandarin Oriental condo-hotel introduces a pioneering concept by seamlessly merging the realms of hotel accommodations and residential living within a single development. It caters to diverse lifestyles, offering residents the convenience of hotel services and amenities while wrapped in the comforts of their own abode.

Luxury Amenities Await

Luxury Amenities Await

The Mandarin Oriental at Brickell Key offers an unmatched living experience, where the hotel and residences seamlessly intertwine. At the heart of this harmonious blend lies a sprawling 100,000-square-foot amenity podium, intricately linked to the lobby and designed to elevate every aspect of life.

This verdant oasis transports residents to a lush sanctuary where multi-tiered infinity-edge swimming pools merge with the waters of Biscayne Bay, private cabanas provide serene seclusion, and a signature spa retreat promises relaxation.

State-of-the-art health and wellness facilities cater to active lifestyles, while world-class dining options and executive workspaces offer convenience and luxury. In this haven of opulence, the Residences at Mandarin Oriental redefine the very essence of living, transcending mere spaces to embody an elevated lifestyle.

Vision That Shapes the Future

As the Mandarin Oriental Residences at Brickell Key take shape, the visionary team behind this extraordinary project continues to astound with their unwavering commitment to excellence. Spearheading this endeavor are renowned figures in their respective fields:

Swire Properties – A globally renowned developer with a legacy dating back to 1972 in Hong Kong, Swire Properties is known for setting new standards in urban development across Hong Kong, mainland China, Singapore, and the United States.

Kohn Pedersen Fox Associates – The celebrated architects guiding this architectural marvel, Kohn Pedersen Fox Associates, are celebrated worldwide for their innovative designs and engineering mastery, gracing iconic skyscrapers globally.

Tristan Auer – The illustrious Parisian designer, Tristan Auer, with a career marked by collaborations with prestigious luxury brands, lends his inimitable touch to the sumptuous interiors of The Residences at Mandarin Oriental, Miami.

Laura Gonzalez – Another Parisian luminary, Laura Gonzalez, an AD 100, and Elle Décor A-Lister, brings her masterful application of color, light, and motifs to craft uniquely chic and harmonious interiors for the Mandarin Oriental Hotel.

Shma – Making their debut in the Miami market, Thai firm Shma is committed to harmoniously integrating nature into the urban landscape, bringing visionary landscape design to transform outdoor areas into serene sanctuaries amidst the bustling city.

Together, these exceptional visionaries represent the pinnacle of their respective fields. Their collective expertise and creativity promise to shape a development that redefines luxury living in Brickell Key.

Wrapping Up

As we eagerly anticipate the demolition of the old buildings in 2025, the excitement for the future of this remarkable project grows. The Mandarin Oriental at Brickell Key is poised to transcend the conventional notion of living, offering a lifestyle that embodies the epitome of luxury and sophistication.

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