What Color Trim Goes with Dark Blue Siding?

midnight blue dark blue house

Choosing the right trim color for dark blue siding can be a challenge. Many homeowners struggle to find the perfect combination that enhances their home’s curb appeal.

But don’t worry – with the right guidance, you can create a stunning exterior that stands out in your neighborhood.

This article will help you discover the best trim colors to complement a dark blue house. We’ll explore classic pairings like crisp white and unexpected options that add character to your home.

You’ll learn how different trim colors can change the overall look of your house and find inspiration for creating a unique, eye-catching exterior.

Get ready to transform your home’s appearance with the perfect trim color for your dark blue siding.

Primary Trim Colors for Dark Blue Siding

When choosing trim for dark blue siding, three colors stand out as top choices.

1. White Trim

A classic and clean look White trim with dark blue siding creates a timeless appearance.

It highlights the shape and details of your home, making windows, doors, and other features stand out.

The difference between dark blue and white makes your house look sharp and eye-catching.

2. Gray Trim

A modern and refined option, Gray trim offers a more subtle look with dark blue siding. It works well for both older and newer home styles.

This combination gives your house a current, stylish feel without being too showy.

3. Black Trim

A strong and fancy choice of Black trim paired with dark blue siding creates a rich, deep look.

It makes your home’s exterior seem more put-together and fancy. This mix is perfect if you want your house to look impressive and slightly different from others in the area.

Let’s look at how these trim colors work with dark blue siding in real-life settings.

Dark Blue with White Trim

Dark Blue with White Trim

White trim on dark blue siding never goes out of style. This mix makes your home look fresh and clean.

The white parts stand out against the dark blue, highlighting your home’s best features.

Windows seem bigger, and decorative elements pop. This combo works well for many house styles, from old-fashioned to new.

Dark Blue with Gray Trim

Dark Blue with Gray Trim

Gray trim gives dark blue siding a polished look. It’s less stark than white but still provides some contrast.

This pairing often looks more current and fits well with today’s home designs. The gray softens the overall look, creating a calm and put-together appearance.

It’s great for homeowners who want a stylish exterior without too much contrast.

Dark Blue with Black Trim

Black trim with dark blue siding makes a bold statement. This combination gives your home a high-end, fancy look.

The black outlines your home’s shape and adds depth to the blue siding. It’s perfect for those who want their house to stand out and look more special.

This pairing works especially well on larger homes or those with interesting architectural details.

Considerations for Choosing Trim Colors

When picking trim colors for your dark blue siding, keep these important factors in mind:

Architectural Style

Your home’s design should guide your trim color choice. For example:

  • Traditional homes like Colonials often look best with white trim, highlighting their classic features.
  • Modern or contemporary houses might benefit from gray or black trim, adding to their sleek appearance.
  • Craftsman-style homes, depending on the shade of blue siding, can look great with either white or earth-toned trims.

Neighborhood Aesthetics

Look at other houses in your area when choosing your trim color:

  • Your color mix should fit in with nearby homes without looking the same.
  • If most houses use light trims, a dark trim might make your home stand out too much.
  • In areas with varied home colors, you have more freedom to choose a trim that you like.

Personal Preference

Your trim color should also reflect your taste:

  • Think about colors you enjoy and how they might look in your home.
  • Consider how long you plan to stay in your home. If it’s for many years, choose a color you won’t get tired of quickly.
  • Remember, if you want more variety, you can always add small pops of color with things like flower boxes or front doors.


Choosing the right trim color for your dark blue siding can dramatically change your home’s look.

Whether you opt for classic white, modern gray, or bold black, each choice creates a unique style.

Consider your home’s architecture, neighborhood, and personal taste when deciding.

The perfect combination will make your house stand out while fitting in with its surroundings.

Now that you have these ideas look at your home fresh. Can you picture it with a new trim color?

Why not try using an online visualizer tool to see how different trims would look? Or, visit your local paint store for color samples to test on your home.

With the right trim, your dark blue siding will look better!

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