What Trim Colors Look Best on Beige Houses?

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Choosing the right trim color for your beige house can be tricky. Many homeowners struggle to find the perfect match that enhances their home’s curb appeal without clashing.

But don’t worry – picking the ideal trim color doesn’t have to be a headache.

This guide will show you how to select trim colors that beautifully complement your beige home, creating a stunning exterior that stands out in the neighborhood.

We’ll explore various color combinations, from classic white to bold contrasts, and provide expert tips on factors to consider. With the perfect trim color, you can transform your tan or beige house into a head-turning masterpiece.

5 Best Trim Colors for Beige Houses

1. White Trim

White Trim

White trim is a top pick for beige houses. It makes the house look clean and bright and makes the home seem bigger and more open. This color mix works well for both new and old-style homes.

When you use white trim, your house’s beige color stands out more. It’s like putting a frame around a picture—it makes everything look neater and more put-together.

If you want to try white trim, here are some good paint options:

  • BEHR® Crisp Linen: This white has a touch of warmth that goes well with beige.
  • Benjamin Moore® Swiss Coffee: A soft white that’s not too bright, perfect for a gentle contrast.

Remember, the exact shade of white you choose can change the appearance of your house. Testing a few different whites to see which looks best with your specific beige color is a good idea.


  • Timeless appeal: White trim always looks fresh and clean.
  • Easy maintenance: White paint hides dirt well and is easy to touch.

2. Tan Trim

Tan Trim

Tan trim gives a beige house a smooth, unified look. It’s a great choice if you want your home to look nice without drawing too much attention.

When you use tan trim, it blends well with your house’s beige. This creates a calm, pleasing look for many different house styles. It’s like the trim is giving a gentle nod to the main color of your house.

If tan trim sounds good to you, check out these paint options:

  • Sherwin-Williams Natural Tan: This color adds a soft, warm touch to your home’s exterior.
  • PPG Casual Elegance: A light tan that pairs well with beige for a refined look.

Keep in mind that tan comes in many shades. Some are lighter, some darker. Try a few tan colors next to your beige to find the one that looks just right.


  • Soft, natural look: Tan trim gives your house a calm, earthy feel.
  • Blends with the environment: This color choice helps your house fit in with nature.

3. Dark Brown Trim

Dark Brown Trim

Dark brown trim makes a strong statement on a beige house. It creates a big difference between the main color and the trim, making your house stand out.

This color mix adds depth to your home’s look. It’s like giving your house a bold outline. Dark brown trim works well on houses with a country or craftsman style.

Here are some good paint choices for dark brown trim:

  • Benjamin Moore® Grand Teton White: Despite its name, this is a rich, deep brown.
  • Sherwin-Williams Gardenia: Another option that’s more of a warm, dark brown than a white.

When using dark brown trim, consider your roof color, too. It often looks best when it matches or complements the roof shade.

Remember, dark colors can make things look smaller. If you have a small house, you might use dark brown trim only on certain parts, like windows or shutters, to avoid making your house seem tiny.


  • Adds a dramatic touch: Dark brown creates a bold contrast against beige.
  • Enhances architectural features: The dark color highlights your home’s unique details.

4. Gray Trim

Gray Trim

Gray trim adds a fresh, modern touch to a beige house. It mixes the warmth of beige with cooler gray tones, creating a balanced look.

This color combo works great for newer house styles. It’s like adding a cool frame to a warm picture. Gray trim can make your beige house look more up-to-date without being too bold.

Try these paint options for gray trim:

  • BEHR® Eiffel For You: A light gray that adds a subtle, modern edge.
  • Sherwin-Williams Balanced Beige: Despite its name, this color leans more toward a soft gray.

When picking a gray, consider how light or dark you want. Lighter grays blend more with beige, while darker grays create more contrast.

Also, pay attention to the undertones in both your beige and the gray. Some grays have blue or green hints, while others are more neutral. Choose one that goes well with your specific beige shade.


  • Modern, sleek appearance: Gray adds a fresh, up-to-date feel to your home.
  • Complements both cool and warm undertones: Gray works well with different shades of beige.

5. Bold Colors (Blue, Green, Red)

Using bold colors for trim on a beige house can create an eye-catching look. These colors stand out against beige, adding a unique touch to your home.

Bold trim colors show off your home’s personality—like giving your house a colorful accessory. But remember, these strong colors work best when they complement your home’s overall style and the area you live in.

Here are some paint options for bold trim colors:

  • BEHR® Sweet Curry: A warm, rich orange-red that can add a cozy feel.
  • Benjamin Moore® Seville Orange: A bright, cheerful orange that can make your house pop.

When using bold colors, it’s extra important to test them first. Put some paint samples on your house and look at them at different times of day. This helps you ensure you’ll always be happy with the color.

Also, consider using bold colors in small amounts. For example, you could paint just the front door or window frames instead of all the trim. This can add a fun touch without being too much.


  • Eye-catching and unique: Bold trim colors make your house noticeable.
  • Reflects personal style: These colors let you express yourself through your home’s exterior.


Choosing the right trim color for your beige house can transform its look and boost curb appeal.

Whether you opt for classic white, subtle tan, dramatic dark brown, modern gray, or bold accent colors, each choice offers unique benefits.

Consider your home’s style, surroundings, and personal taste when deciding.

Ready to give your beige house a fresh look? Start by testing sample colors on a small area of your home.

Observe how they look at different times of day and in various weather conditions. Don’t be afraid to mix and match – you might find a combination that perfectly suits your home’s character.

Have you recently painted the trim on your beige house? We’d love to hear about your experience and see your results in the comments below!

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