25 Beautiful Gray Green Paint Colors to Transform Your Home

Gray Green Paint Colors for Your Home

If you have been looking for paint inspirations online, you would have come across a lot of gray-tone suggestions. The newest addition to this never-ending list of gray and greige hues is the green-gray paint.

Wondering what exactly is a green gray paint and how would it look in a home? Well, green gray paint can be understood as gray paint with green undertones or green paint with gray undertones. However, it leans more towards the gray paint with green undertones, as only a subtle hint of green is observed in the green-gray. Nevertheless, it is subject to opinions, so let’s not delve deeper into this.

Gray-green paint has been the talk of the town lately owing to its liveliness and adaptable character. Gray-green can be considered a neutral tone that lets other elements in your room shine. If you are also mesmerized by its subtle beauty and considering it for your next paint home project, check out our list of green-gray paints below.

Green Gray Shades by Benjamin Moore

There is a range of green-gray paints by Benjamin Moore that are trending right now; you can choose any one of them that suits your interior.

1. Saybrook Sage HC-114

Saybrook Sage HC-114

If you are looking for a medium-depth gray that leans more toward green, Saybrook Sage by Benjamin Moore is perfect for you. Due to the presence of a lot of green, it appears a bit darker green than other green-gray shades. It’s perfect for a home office or study and provides a modern and elegant look to your interior.

It can be best paired with shades of brown and yellow; however, if you want to create drama, darker shades such as burgundy may look good. You should totally avoid pairing red with Saybrook sage, as it will totally ruin the look of your interior.

2. Cos Cob Stonewall 1483

Cos Cob Stonewall 1483

Cos Cob Stonewall is one of the favorites among the dark shade of green-gray paint. With smoky green undertones, it is a timeless shade of gray that is the hottest piece of cake right now in the paint industry.

When it comes to painting ceilings, it is one of the most widely preferred paints. It works well in both traditional and modern settings and can be paired with a lot of accents. It will also look great on cabinets, trims, and doors. When paired with black accents, it will create a stunning blend of sophistication and style.

3. Vintage Vogue 462

Vintage Vogue 462

Vintage Vogue by Benjamin Moore is yet another darker shade of gray-green that can be used in place of black or brown. It is perfect for use in cabinets or as an accent wall against lighter shades.

This particular paint has a charming quality to it, which is great for creating a contrast against neutral woods or brass accents. This paint has a unique antique-looking grace to it which makes it perfect to be used for a Scandinavian-inspired interior.

4. Mistletoe 474

Mistletoe 474

If you are looking for a warmer option in green-gray paint, this is the perfect tone for you. With more of a green hint, this paint can be used for your bedrooms or kitchen. Mistletoe is quite versatile and can bring out the beauty of a range of places. It can be used in both traditional and modern decor setups.

Mistletoe is a lighter hue in the dark section of green-gray that is a true delight to the eyes. It makes for an elegant and timeless paint that has a comforting and inviting aura.

5. Stonybrook 1566

Stonybrook 1566

Stonybrook 1566 by Benjamin Moore is a cool tone among the gray-green shade, which has an LRV of 29. It has a perfect blend of the calming tone of gray with the refreshing aura of green, which makes this gray-green paint perfect for adding depth to your place.

It is a medium tone of green-gray that is known for its versatility and balance. Stonybrook, when paired with antique furniture and darker wood tones, looks absolutely mesmerizing.

6. Shaker Gray 1594

Shaker Gray 1594

Shaker Gray is a rich tone of green-gray paint that boasts more of a gray than green and creates a stunning backdrop for industrial-style homes. It can be used to paint the exterior of homes to create a bit of an edge with white or cream doors and windows.

Since industrial-style homes are back in trend, this paint color is perfect for people who want to jump into the trend without changing the entire architecture of their homes.

Green Gray Shades by Sherwin Williams

Sherwin Williams’s list of Gray green paint colors includes incredibly beautiful and rich tones that are a visual treat. Some of them are as under.

1. Silvermist


Along similar lines as sage green, silver mist has a slight green undertone and a lot of gray elements in it. This cool green-gray shade is perfect for your bedrooms. It has a quite soothing aura that is perfect for adding a touch of tranquil charm to it.

Sherwin Williams’s Silvermist has an LRV of 47, so it falls somewhere in the middle, although leaning a bit more towards the darker side of the spectrum. Painting with Silvermist can provide your home with a beach vibe.

2. Taiga


Taiga by Sherwin Williams is a deep gray paint that has a good amount of green in it. It works perfectly as an accent wall against other neutral tones. It has the capability to transform a dull place and fill it with life and energy.

It’s a vibrant shade of green-gray paint that can make all the difference in your interior. It looks best against lighter accents like white lemon yellow. Consider adding light-colored furniture to truly bring out its emphasis.

3. Rainwashed


As the name suggests, Rainwashed is a lighter shade of gray-green. Other than a good amount of gray-green, it also has a touch of blue in it. This soft and muted gray-green paint is perfect for your modern interiors.

Since the paint is a lighter version of gray-green, it can be easily paired with deeper accents to give out a beautiful contemporary look. It has the tendency to add freshness and calmness to a space.

4. Silverpoint


Perhaps the most loved among the lighter shades of green-gray paints, this shade is a true delight to your senses. The best thing about this paint is that it can work in nearly any room and even on the exterior.

It is more gray than green and gives out a spacious vibe to rooms. It can perfectly work with darker shades and as a backdrop for dark accents for your living room. It’s a great choice for bathrooms or even for beach houses.

5. Clary sage

Clary sage

If you are looking for a brighter tone of gray-green, clary sage is one of the finest options for you. Carrying a yellow undertone, this mid-tone gray-green paint works exceptionally well on exteriors as well as on cabinets.

It has an LRV of 41, due to which it can be considered a darker tone in the mid-range. Although it is a warmer tone, it gives out a cool vibe and can be used as a neutral tone. It can very well be used in bedrooms due to its positive and calming energy.

6. Austere Gray

Austere Gray

This gray-green paint is perfect for giving a bit of an edge to your study or living room. Leaning more on the lighter shades, this gray-green has a neutral effect. Its beautiful and calming vibe makes it perfect for a lot of spaces where other lighter paints won’t work.

On the LRV scale, it lies more on the warmer side. It appears differently in different lights. In a low-lit room, it may seem more gray, while in a room with ample provision for light, it will appear a soft green.

7. Escape Gray

Escape Gray

If you want to choose a dark tone of green-gray paint that’s still lighter as compared to the other darker tones, you should go with escape gray. Due to its rich gray tone, it appears quite elegant. It oozes sophistication which makes it perfect to be used for hotel rooms. When paired with light accents, this shade of green-gray is a true visual delight.

Marking its presence among the most widely preferred green-gray tones, the escape gray by Sherwin Williams is definitely worth choosing for your next paint endeavor.

Green Gray shades by Glidden

Glidden has a beautiful range of Green Gray shades. Let’s check them out:

1. Dark Green Velvet

Dark Green Velvet

It is a darker version of a gray tone with a deeper undertone of green. It has a kick of olive in it, and it works quite well as an accent wall. It is also an excellent choice for kitchen cabinets. Consider pairing it with lighter tones to bring out its true essence.

A dark green velvet kitchen with white doors and windows is an ideal choice that works in most cases. It can also work perfectly well in bedrooms with light wood furniture and light-colored upholstery

2. Juniper Berry

Juniper Berry

With more of a green hint, this dark shade of green-gray paint can work extremely well both in indoors as well as outdoors. It is a wonderful neutral paint color that brings a soft vibe. It can be paired with dark wood tones to give out an industrial-style home.

It is a paint that also looks great with metallic accents. Juniper Berry, if chosen wisely with correct accents, is quite a mesmerizing option in the gray-green category of paint.

3. Scarborough


Scarborough is a lighter and brighter version of gray-green by Glidden. It has a solid green base and appears quite sophisticated. It can work in a variety of places, such as bedrooms, living rooms, kitchens, or even in dining rooms.

It will also look good as an accent wall in the bedroom with lighter shades. It can also be used as an exterior paint. Its bright appearance makes it best for use in places where there is no ample sunlight.

4. Gale Force

Gale Force

Gale Force by Glidden is a very lighter tone of green-gray that is an absolute stunner when it comes to light neutral tones. It has a perfect balance of both green and gray. It’s a mid-tone of the whole green-gray paint category that is known for its luxurious looks.

It’s a perfect shade for bedrooms, living rooms, and dining rooms. It can work well with white trims and even with dark accents depending on the natural light setting of the room.

5. Morning Fog

Morning Fog

A shade of green-gray that is so calming and fresh that it makes for an absolute choice for bedrooms and bathrooms. It can also be considered the perfect neutral shade of green-gray paint. In bright natural light, it appears more white than gray.

However, its soothing tone is unmatchable. It can be used stunningly well with dark accents and is known to create a beautiful, welcoming environment wherever it is used.

6. Jade Frost

Jade Frost

Yet another softer tone of Green gray by Glidden is known for its neutral effects. It is a light tone with subtle hints of beige, which can act as a perfect backdrop for your bedroom and can easily let the other elements in your room take center stage. It can work quite well against black or dark-colored furniture tones and would be an excellent choice for living and dining areas. Jade Frost is known for its relaxing and calming elements, which makes it an ideal choice for study as well as bedrooms.

Green Gray Shades by Behr

Some of the most popular Green Gray shades by Behr are as follows:

1. Riverdale


Riverdale can be considered one of the most unnoticed paint colors out of the whole green-gray shades list. However, its unmatchable elegance and gentle vibe make it almost an irresistible choice among all these paints. It is a tone that has a hint of blue in it, along with a proper proportion of green and gray.

The blue is visible only when it is placed next to a lot of blue accents, so you can avoid it if you don’t want the blue of the Riverdale to be visible. It can be used in kitchens and living rooms.

2. Nature’s Gift

Nature’s Gift

Nature’s Gift by Behr is among the series of dark gray-green paints. It is a mid-tone that has a perfect blend of green and gray apart from the other hues. Nature’s Gift by Behr makes for a stunning choice for cabinets, home offices,s and even living rooms.

It instills a sense of comfort in the spaces it is painted. This green-gray paint can also work in exteriors and gives out an old country house look to the space.

3. Silver Feather

Silver Feather

Silver Feather by Behr is technically a gray tone that has only a bit of a green undertone. Leaning towards the lighter shade of the spectrum, silver feather makes for a beautiful backdrop for the elements in your room.

It is a neutral shade that may sometimes appear white, depending on the lighting. It can be counted among a silvery finish gray-green tone. It can be used in bathrooms, bedrooms, or study rooms.

4. Village Green

Village Green

If you want to create a peaceful yet intriguing atmosphere in your home and looking for a darker shade in the green-gray category, the village green shade is your best bet. It is a beautiful shade that can be used in bathrooms, dining rooms, and in living rooms.

It makes for a cozy yet exciting atmosphere, which is perfect for places that need a bit of drama. It may lean more towards the darker shade but can be easily paired with even darker tones apart from the normal white or creamy backdrop. It will look extremely beautiful with white and creamy windows.

5. Woodland Sage

Woodland Sage

Woodland sage is a typical gray shade that has a relatively low amount of green in it. It is a warm tone with a hint of gold in it. It has little to no green in it. However, it is counted in the green-gray category due to the presence of green undertones to it. It can be used to paint cabinets, doors, and trims.

It gives out a creamy finish to the trims and is suited for contemporary homes to a great extent. Woodland sage is one of the most widely preferred sage green paints by Behr.

6. Heritage Park

Heritage Park

Lastly, yet another favorite among interior designers is this evergreen Heritage Park by Behr. It is a medium tone of gray-green that is known for its versatility.

It is a darker tone of green-gray paint that is considered moody. It can be paired with neutral tones and can be incorporated into a lot of projects. It works on both interiors as well as exteriors. It can be used in almost all places, including cabinets, dining areas, living rooms, and hallways.


Green-Gray paints have taken the world of interior design by storm. Initially, the idea of gray-green may sound boring and repetitive, but it has so many undertones and a lot of depth, which is perfect for turning your place into an absolute stunner.

There are many options available in the green-gray paint category, each with its unique capabilities. Some of the shades have the capability to make space appear cooler and spacious, while some can fill a breath of fresh air to your space. You can choose the one that suits you on the basis of your needs.

Lastly, if you are seriously considering giving a makeover to your space, green-gray paints are the way to go!

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