14 Budget-Friendly Low Maintenance Garden Border Ideas

Low Maintenance Garden Border Ideas for Every Budget

Having a garden in the house is a different type of luxury. But, to make sure that your garden beds look appealing and organized, here are low-maintenance garden border ideas.

However, everyone has their budget for landscape edging. Luckily, many borders are affordable, and some will definitely fall within your budget. These borders are durable, aesthetic, and money efficient.

In this blog, you will explore different kinds of borders which are easily maintained and is a perfect choice for busy individuals or who are new to this gardening hobby. Some options can be installed easily without the use of any manpower.

Let’s dive in!

Our List of Low Maintenance Garden Border Ideas

1. Mulch Magic

Mulch Magic

Mulching, or we can say the top dressing of the soil, contains all the organic nutrients in it. This is a good idea for the garden border idea as this can be made without the help of anyone else. It also makes the soil moist, help in the proper growth of roots, and also contribute to house sale. The mulch magic hedge can fix easily without much investment.

To obtain these low-maintenance garden border ideas for your house, follow these steps. First, Clean the garden and remove rock or irrigation lines, anything to give the proper space to your hedge or border. Next, ensure to water the soil and the Mulch mixture; if your soil is not absorbing water, then also water it until your 3-4 inches of soil is not wet. And don’t forget to remove the plants from the border area. Later, you can replant them when your border is 2-3 months old. Purchase a plastic material or wood as the foundation or support for your mulch. Apply a thick layer of mulch on the material. If your mulch is not decomposed, then apply a thin layer. To make the border appealing, use straw and wood chips in mulch. They avoid the growth of pathogens and fungi in your plant.

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2. Perennial Power

Perennial Power

A perennial power garden border is not just a garden border but is also an addition. In this garden border, you have to plant flowers on the edges. The reason for calling this border Perennial power is because these flowers can grow for years, and they have vibrant colors of flowers. Make sure to use lavender, coneflowers, or daylilies.

To achieve this low-maintenance garden border idea, consider the following tips. Include taller plants like Torch Lily to add height and visual interest to your border. If you want to attract butterflies or bees in your garden, then go for hot and warm colors, but if you are not sure about colors, then go for neutral or light color flowers. After a year, if your plants wither off, don’t waste those dead plants and use them as foliage.

3. Rock Garden Delight

Rock Garden Delight

Rock Garden Delight is a great option that has been in fashion since 1970; this is a convenient and low-maintenance garden border idea. You can use this idea around succulents or ornamental grasses, or ground covers. In a rock garden, you get one feasibility: water retention and weed resistance. There are many styles you can opt for in the rock-style garden, such as Rock Garden with the water, Rockery garden wall, Rock Garden with cemetery plants, Corner Rockery Ideas, Modern Rockery Ideas, and Boundary of Rocks.

4. Evergreen Elegance

Evergreen Elegance

Love the lush green color in your garden? This is the great garden border you can use for your garden. This is a one-year investment, and then enjoy the green borders for a whole year. This border is even feasible for the winters as it retains growth and color. To get this low-maintenance garden border idea, you just have to plant the green bush in a block pattern on the edges. You can use Sarcococca hookerianaor Daphne bholuafor your garden. For just lush green addition, you can choose boxwood, yew, or dwarf conifers for your garden.

To ensure successful gardening, follow these tips. Grow these plants first in a pot and then transfer them to the garden. When they grow to a height, prune the plants using the shears. The shear should be medium-sized small ones as they are perfect and also consumes very less time. Trimming must be done every 1 month.

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5. Raised Bed Brilliance

Raised Bed Brilliance

In this raised bed brilliance, you need to make high beds for your garden. It not only serves as a garden border but also helps in increasing soil fertility. If you choose the expensive materials for this, then it may cost you, whereas there are many alternatives that serve the same and even better than those costly materials.

Thus, collect these materials to create these low-maintenance garden border ideas. Use old wooden pallets or old wooden furniture. Make sure that they are infected or rotten. Even mud can be used to raise the garden bed some inches, which looks like a container. You can also use unused house materials like cement or concrete and use them to cover the edges of the garden.

6. Container Chic

Container Chic

Have limited space or want a potable garden option, then go for this low-maintenance garden border idea. In this, you just need to choose the plants and, according to their growth, have to place them in the pot. There are the following options of pots you can choose from. Like, Recycling pots, Small pots, Medium pots, Big pots, and Hanging pots.

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These pots are an easy option and make your garden portable. You can place these pots on the border to create a boundary. You can even use the plastic or metal layer on the edges and form a natural container.

7. Flex Border

Flex Border

If you want easy and low-maintenance garden border ideas, then Flex border is a great idea. In this, you don’t need much time. Just buy the Graden Flex and make a barrier around the garden. The drawbacks of this type of garden border are that they are not effective for weeds and need re-installation every year. Yet, it is an easy choice as it doesn’t require planning before installation.

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8. Metal Border

Metal Border

Metal Borders are man-made low-maintenance garden border ideas that need some time for installment. In this, you have to get a metal border, which suits your garden theme. Make sure to install them to a depth that helps in preventing pests and weed growth and even controls the growth of your plants.

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There are some points that you need to consider while getting this garden border. First, to avoid rusting your metal border, use silicon-layered metal. Do get professional help during the installation. This garden border is a bit more expensive than the other garden borders mentioned above.

9. Plastic Edging

Plastic Edging

Plastic edging is the intermediate and alternative to both Flex and Metal borders. In this, you have to get a Plastic edging kit to install it in your garden. These are made of plastic which makes them low-maintenance garden border ideas. But you won’t get corner curved parts to cover the garden. Every part of the plastic should be installed individually. Dig a hole or hammer them to the ground for proper support. These plastic borders are sensitive and break into pieces if you put lots of pressure on them.

10. Rubber Mulch Edging

Rubber Mulch Edging

The most convenient and low-maintenance garden border ideas need no digging or installation. In Rubber mulch Edging, you just have to roll over the rubber mulch like a carpet on the edges. After that, whenever you want to remove the edge, just roll it. There are many benefits to this rubber mulch edging. This garden border help in water retention and is easy to install. It comes at affordable prices. You can also use them as manure when they start rotting.

This garden border is a Zero-waste product as it is made of biodegradable materials. In some cases, this is used for seed germination.

11. Gardener Fence

Gardener Fence

Want low-maintenance garden border ideas which also give a vintage look? Then here your search ends; get the metal fences that are available in various designs. You can install them in three easy steps. Measure the perimeter of your garden and buy the fences according to that. Water the edges of your soil where you want to install the fences. With force, just install the fences on the edges, and for durability, you can use the small wires to tie them up.

In garden fences, animal invasion is tough and creates a stylish look for your garden. To maintain the longevity of the fences, paint them every year.

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  • 👉【Rustproof and Decorative】This black metal yard fence is made of thick metal wire welded to enhance the welding strength, not easy to crack more solid, the surface has been baked paint process, rust-resistant and durable. Even in the outdoor wind and solarization, it can work for you for a long time. The classic arched appearance will add a touch of modern simplicity to your garden, patio and yard.
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12. Edible Edges

Edible Edges

Make your garden corporative and also productive. You can make use of your edges and grow fruit or vegetable plants on the edges. They are not only low-maintenance garden border ideas but also a great option that adds a fresh vegetable from your garden to the kitchen. Get the green beans or strawberry plant as your edges. Strawberry is a hard-stem plant, whereas, for green beans, you can use the bush variety for this purpose.

White choosing the edible edges, compare the optimal conditions plants require for growth. It’s better to choose a bright sunlight spot for your garden. Don’t use climbers for edges because they need support for growing which needs more space.

13. Paver Stones

Paver Stones

This is a one-time investment and gives you an indestructible garden edge. This Paver stone is made of heavy concrete material, which makes it durable and also avoids the invasion of weeds and even controls the growth of the plants.

Before installing the garden border, make a full plan before laying this garden edge. Use the best materials for durability. It’s better if you go for water-resistant materials. So the garden border doesn’t get damaged by the watering of plants. You can use them as both pavers and edging beds.

14. Woven Willow

Woven Willow

Give nature a natural companion with this woven willow edging. In this, you can use tree branches and make an array of wood that can stand on the edges. This needs time and requires some threads and wood. But you can use the wood fences to make a woven willow around your garden.

There is one issue with these garden borders; after some time, they may pass on the weeds and damage your harvest. Whereas regular watering can damage these woods. Check and regularly tighten these garden-woven woods for a supportive garden border. This low-maintenance garden border idea can blend well with your house theme and needs no or little investment.


These are tested and trusted low-maintenance garden border ideas that will suit your garden. You just have to pick the right one based on your needs. All the above garden borders are specially curated for you, and make sure that they fall within your budget.

If you love natural edging, then go for the Evergreen Elegance, Rock Garden Delight. Whereas, for the non-living option, you can take the Fences or Woven Willow option. We tried to make your choice easy by providing you with a list of low-maintenance garden border ideas.

If you finally got the appropriate low-maintenance garden border ideas, then comment below on the type of edging you are considering for your garden. Your comment can help others in deciding the better garden idea for their garden.

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