16 Covered Patios Ideas for Year-Round Outdoor Enjoyment

Covered Patio Ideas for Your Yard

A patio is a multi-purpose place to unwind after a long day at work. Every house needs a space that can allow a person to relax, meditate and recuperate to balance his or her energies after a long strenuous day.

A patio next to a lawn can be used to celebrate birthdays, host dinner parties, or even plan impromptu get-togethers with friends. When the sun is super bright or the rain, a covered patio can prove to be very helpful and beneficial.

However, it has to be strategically placed to ensure that it is not wasting any space and has to be made resistant to weather so that you can enjoy the outdoor environment of the house without any hindrance.

Here are 16 covered patio ideas to accessorize your house so that you can make the most of excess space in your house:

1. Stand-Alone Patio

Stand-Alone Patio

A stand-alone patio in one corner of the garden can be a sight for sore eyes. You can make your yard look divine by lighting it up with fairy lights in the evening. A stand-alone patio can give you a nice spot to relax apart from the main house while still being in the same area. By putting flowerpots outside the structure or hanging flower baskets from the ceiling, the look of a wooden standalone patio can be enhanced.

2. Patio as a Dining Zone

Patio as a Dining Zone

A separate dining space is a perfect place for brunch when you have invited your friends over with kids. The young ones can enjoy themselves on the lawn while the elders have wine and cheese for lunch. By placing a barbecue or a grill in one corner of the patio, you can save the main kitchen from the mess and unnecessary smell. An open patio can allow you to adjust a big group of people without making everyone feel cramped, as the option of installing extendable roofs is also available.

3. Glass-Covered Patio Ideas

Glass-Covered Patio Ideashttps://northernfeeling.com/wp-admin/post-new.php#category-add

Imagine sitting on a glass patio while it rains outside. If adorned with lights and candles, it can be a perfect corner for hosting a small get-together with friends and family or a romantic date with your partner. Plants that cannot withstand long hours of sunlight can be placed in this room for decoration. Usually, glass structures are odor neutral and need less maintenance because they do not need any polishing or painting.

4. Bamboo Roof Patio

Bamboo Roof Patio

An eco-friendly option for all those who wish to do their bit for the environment is having a patio with a bamboo roof. It can allow proper ventilation of the space and keep the place cool as it will block the sunlight completely. A bamboo roof is quite robust, resistant to termination, and aesthetically pleasing as well as cost-effective. This roof can last up to 20 years if a few things that can prevent its deterioration are taken care of. You can paint it in any color for a better look and turn an ignored corner of your house into a cute dainty spot.

5. Colorful Patio

Colorful Patio

A colorful patio can look fantastic in summer. By painting the roof white in color and placing sofas and cushions that are bright in color, you can draw the attention of any person toward this corner of the house. However, make sure the colors are in sync with each other so that the place doesn’t look odd. You can accessorize the room with outdoor plastic rugs that match the walls while placing sofas, brightly painted pedestal tables, bistro chairs with bright cushions on them, and so on. Try playing with textures. For instance, placing brass pots with terracotta pots of different shades and shapes or hanging a wooden chair and placing a steel table next to it for some dramatic effect.

6. Patio with Slanted Roof

Patio with Slanted Roof

If you are a mountain person living in the plains, a patio with slanted roofs can take you closer to hills. By supporting the structure with wooden columns, your patio can look picture-perfect. The roof of the patio doesn’t have to match the roofline with that of the house. Glass and metal roofs, PVC roofs, vinyl slab porches, and corrugated metal can be used to make slanted roofs. Prefabricated roofs are also available and can be installed very easily. Such covered patio ideas are easy to execute, and such roofs are not very hard to maintain in routine either.

7. Trellised Patio

Trellised Patio

If you are fond of plants and vines, then a trellised patio is the right selection for you. It is an airy structure that can serve the purpose of a climber for plants and also as a screen to enhance the privacy of your backyard. A lattice panel with a tight pattern or a modern trellis with an abstract design can make your yard look picture-perfect. Support the green look of the trellis by installing a chimney that is made out of stone to add to the earthy-natural look of the place.

8. Perspex Patio

Perspex Patio

A Perspex patio is an option for those who are looking for a temporary patio. The polycarbonate sheet can be pulled out and folded according to one’s convenience as they are lightweight. These are weatherproof sheets and very durable because it is made out of semi-transparent thermoplastic material. The temperature can remain constant as hot and cold winds cannot easily penetrate because of the acrylic material. The material goes well with all kinds of floorings like pavers, tiles, wooden planks, marble, and so on.

9. Cloth-Covered Patio

Cloth-Covered Patio

Shade sails as a cloth cover for the patio are a practical idea if you do not want a permanent structure. You can draw curtains on the sides in case it is raining, or you want more privacy, or you can even just let it be if it is a clear sunny day. This makes it user-friendly and eco-friendly as it is reusable and even cost-effective. These covers can be easily cleaned, stored, and maintained. Another idea, if you want a temporary roof, is installing a free-standing umbrella that is made with sturdy weather-resistant fabric. It will allow you to protect yourself from any unwanted sudden rain showers or strong sun rays and can be moved around easily.

10. Industrial Vibe

Industrial Vibe

A steel structure with glass and indirect industrial lighting can give your house a very industrial vibe. A patio made out of steel is long-lasting, easy to maintain, and can aesthetically sync with your minimalist, modern urban house. Although a steel structure can be expensive, it is a one-time investment because it needs minimal upkeep and is durable. A cold rolled steel roof does not corrode easily even after 50 years and exposes the pipes and wires to enhance the industrial look.

11. Concrete Patio

Concrete Patio

If you are a minimalist, a concrete patio is the best option for you. To make a concrete patio, get some concrete poured and allow it to set. Although poured concrete or stamped concrete is not as durable as pavers, it is an affordable option. To support the roof of the patio, paint the pillars black and maintain the grey color of the floor, and to experiment, you can install a glass roof to keep it sunlit. If you do not wish to pour concrete, then going for grey-colored tiles is also a smart idea, and you can match it with the walls for a more cohesive look.

12. Wooden Roof

Wooden Roof

A wooden patio roof is called Pergola. While making a patio with a wooden roof, you can select a plywood ceiling that is easy and quick to install or a roof made of cedar wood, as it is more long-lasting, stronger, and shinier. The edges can be coated with prime to make them less susceptible to moisture. Stained wood, exposed beams, an open peak porch with a hammock, and a headboard ceiling are all practical as well as beautiful ideas for a patio that will complement your wooden roof. For more variety in structures, you can have a patio that is round in shape. Teak wood, redwood, oak wood, and cypress wood are other wooden options available in the market as well.

13. Thatched Patio

Thatched Patio

If you wish to relive the old world and want your house to have a vintage vibe, a thatched patio can be an excellent addition to your house. A patio with a thatched roof that is dark brown in color will go well, with bright-colored rugs either spread on the ground or hung on the wall. Low-height sofas, cushions scattered on the floor, and a pit to light a fire can add to the beauty of the house extensively and make your evenings with your loved ones memorable.

14. Combine Fabric and Steel

Combine Fabric and Steel.

Since solar fabrics are inexpensive and block ultraviolet radiation, a patio that has such a covering is the best option for those who enjoy sitting outdoors, even in summer. Steel, on the other hand, is sturdy and can last for ages. Therefore, a patio put together with a combination of steel structure or frame and roof made out of solar fabrics can be an excellent, durable as well as an inexpensive option.

15. Tech Savvy Patio

Tech Savvy Patio.

If you feel comfortable in your room because of your TV, conveniently chargeable iPad, placement of laptop, and so on, then do the same on your patio so that you can spend some time outside the four walls of your room with your boys. Equip your patio with wireless speakers, a barbeque, concealed movie projectors, weather-resistant gadgets, and LED lighting to accessorize and upgrade your personal outdoor area. This will improve the ambiance of your backyard oasis and make it your family’s and friends’ favorite spot to gather.

16. Linear Patio

Linear Patio.

If you do not have enough space in the backyard but you want to have an outdoor sitting area for yourself, consider utilizing a long narrow space for your patio. A linear patio can be given a rustic look by using pavers as flooring or even fresco tiles with a wooden ceiling for a more comprehensive appearance. You can opt for indirect lighting and installing fans for better ventilation. A linear patio, if covered with a sturdy cloth, can look attractive as it will resemble a maharaja tent in the middle of a desert and add a Mediterranean element to the house.


A thoughtfully constructed patio with a trellis or a glass roof can be a safe haven for shade-loving plants that cannot withstand a lot of heat and light. Match the design of your patio with the theme of the rest of the house, and design the patio around your activities.

A gym freak, for instance, can keep his machines and other equipment on the patio to make it tech-savvy. Others can use a patio with a thatched roof as a reading nook to escape commotion in a house, a yoga devotee can treat it as a getaway, and you can even turn your patio into a working space that can allow you to take frequent breaks.

The roof is the most important element of a patio as it is the only element that sets the stage for the aesthetics. To enjoy every minute in the sun or any kind of weather outside, design the roof with glass or trellis in such a manner that it suits your needs the best and makes the patio a useful place.

If you have a patio at home, then share your views and ideas regarding any other covered patio ideas in the comment section.

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