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If you are looking for extra space or a shelter in your yard where you can unleash the inner Picasso of yours, DIY pole barns got your back. Building pole barns by yourself is an inexpensive way to add extra space to your property. Simple pole barn plans let you have the liberty to build designs of your choice.

Moreover, constructing it yourself lets you tailor it according to your versatility and specific requirements. Another vital benefit that simple pole barn plans provide is to serve cost-effectiveness and flexibility. Therefore, before you decide to construct one, learn about these essential facts you may need to know. And if you are considering why you should construct a pole barn or what a pole barn is, you can get all the answers here in this comprehensive guide.

What is a Pole Barn?

Pole barns are a technique that requires a post-frame construction type, which is quickly used to construct a reliable, sturdy structure over the centuries. Post-frame or pole frame construction type is a great solution highly engineered for adaptability and efficiency. Therefore, the vital aspect of constructing post/pole buildings is the design of it.

Post frame designs typically require poles/posts as a framing member that you bury a few feets under the ground to create stability. Hence, these poles serve a vital role in creating the foundation for the barn inexpensively and without consuming much time in contrast to other construction types.

In the year 1930, the name “pole barn” came due to a disruption in the economy from the Dust Bowl and Great Depression. The farmers found telephone poles as the most cost-effective material they could use to create a new building. However, later shortened to “pole barns” for convenience, and a new year of American pole barns emerged.

Why Shall You Construct Your DIY, Pole Barns?

The frame or construction of a pole barn comes with a few advantages over any building type. Therefore here are a few reasons why you shall construct your structure with simple pole barn plans.

Ease and Convenient to Create

The most straining part, everyone finds it inconvenient because of the difficulty level of creating or constructing a building. Constructing a foundation can be expensive and may require a dazzling amount of time, which causes an issue if you hardly have free time. However, you can construct a pole barn without the hassle of creating a foundation for it.

Therefore, for an unwavering construction, level the ground and free it from dirt or gravel. The buildings need the support of deep-set poles to provide the foundation of the construction. Hence you don’t have to level up a strict concrete structure to build a pole barn. The lack of it lets you build your extra space in any place with ease and convenience.

The Expense Is Relatively Lower than Other Construction Types

Typically all buildings require less wood to complete construction than other building types. Hence, this happens because of the additional support or intensive framing that other traditional types require to construct. Therefore, because it requires fewer materials, the overall cost of the structure lowers. In addition, the lack of an essential foundation can save you a portion of your round-up cost. Simple pole barn plans help you save and require only around 10-15% of your overall cost. Basically, it lets you customize your budget if you don’t want a strict concrete foundation.

Lesser Labor

Due to its convenient design being relatively effortless, contractors and DIY construct a pole barn in lesser time. The labor saves a lot of time and money if you are building your own pole barn from scratch. Although it may look robust to build your own self, it takes relatively lower effort than constructing any traditional building.

When Not to Consider a DIY Pole Barn?

Although pole barns come with a lot of advantages, you still can agree on the challenges that you need to face before their construction. Pole barns require a number of things before their construction.

Design of Its Construction

Design and convenience may seem like one of the most significant perks of construction. Post frames are a decent option for square footage and to add more space like porches, garages and lean to’s. Therefore, if your building plans require complex roof lines or multiple wings, a pole barn isn’t a decent option to create it.

Poor Soil Quality

The soil quality is a significant criterion that your post frames require before you construct them. If your soil quality is too wet or poor, you won’t be able to choose a pole barn as an option since it requires you to stick a pole in the ground. Therefore, the wet soil quality can’t hold your post from falling sideways.

Simple Pole Barn Plans to Add Extra Space to Your Living

After the discussion of advantages and challenges/disadvantages, it may be clear to you whether constructing a pole barn is the right option or not. Moreover, a post frame or a pole barn holds a variety of uses, such as workshops, garages or horse stables. It is also a popular option for people who want to retreat away once in a while from everything. A simple pole barn plan lets you create plenty of options for a perfect escape from life. Therefore, we have curated 20 simple pole barn plans to DIY one to add extra space for yourself.

1. Pole Barn studio

Pole Barn studio

A simple Pole barn studio is a design that poses straightforwardness and does not require you to put in lots of labor or material. Therefore, you can attach convertible sliding doors to these simple pole barn plans to add convenience and versatility. Moreover, you can also add a small porch in the front and stairs to modify the uses of your pole barn.

2. Budget-Friendly Pole Barn Shed

Budget-Friendly Pole Barn Shed

If you are very tight on costs, a budget-friendly option is something that you may require. Therefore, this simple pole barn plan requires low labour and is cheap, which can be very convenient for people who are in urgent need of extra space at a low cost. The materials that you may require to create the pole barn are wooden sheets and simple 2 × 4 studs. You can also add a small porch if you like for better convenience in front of the pole barn.

3. Simple DIY Pole Barn Shed

Simple DIY Pole Barn Shed

Do you need a small space to stock your snow blower or lawn mower? Or maybe you want a space to keep your dad’s tool? Or you want to construct a playroom for the kids where they can play without disturbing you. Therefore, these simple pole barn plans can help you get started with building your DIY style.

4. Skylight Window with Ladder Pole Barn

Skylight Window with Ladder Pole Barn

These simple Pole barn plans are something that allows large skylight windows to let the natural light enter the living space or studio apartment. Therefore, it gives you the option to feel natural light and save on electricity bills. More about any nighttime you can enjoy lying down under enormous stars while staying at the convenience of your living space. The option goes well with people who want to have an escape or retreat from life.

5. Diamond Hobby Room Pole Barn

Diamond Hobby Room Pole Barn

If you are looking for a place to store your large pieces of equipment, such as a car, boat, or RV, these simple pole barn plans are the right option for you. Thanks to the spacious ground that lets you have the liberty to store these large pieces of equipment. You can place a large sliding door in the center for the convenience of bringing the things inside.

6. Large Pole Barn House

Large Pole Barn House

If you are looking for a design of excellence to store your car’s motorbikes, these simple pole barn plans are perfect for you. The design provides a strong steel frame that allows support for the entire building. Moreover, you can add two large sliding doors made with telescopic hydraulics to detect or accommodate your two-wheelers with ease.

7. Large Pole Barn Plans for The Workshop

Large Pole Barn Plans for The Workshop

If you are in urgent need of a large workshop for your entire family to work on a plan together, this design can do the work for you. These simple pole barn plans give you and everyone enough working area to place your materials for the project and also have large windows to bring natural light inside.

8. DIY Garage Barn

DIY Garage Barn

If you are in need of a garage, these simple pole barn plans can do a great job for you. Therefore if you want a garage for your car or RV, this structure is perfect for you. Add a hydraulic door, which you can fold down to get your vehicle out/in effortlessly. Moreover, to add more support, you can also attach porch columns on both ends.

9. Quick and Easy DIY Pole Barn

Quick and Easy DIY Pole Barn

These simple pole barn plans bikes are perfect for people who have limited time on their hands. The design does not require a lot of materials, and you just need wooden sheets, some 2/4 studs and several nails. You can follow these simple instructions to finish your project quickly and on time.

10. Pole Barn House T1

Pole Barn House T1

If you are looking for a combination of house and workshop, these simple pole barn plans work exactly the way you want. It has a special area that can be used by everyone in your household who needs to store their mess. For more, you can add a small broom closet to store additional space if needed.

11. Large Horse Barn Pole Buildings

Large Horse Barn Pole Buildings

If you are from a place where you have a field or own large animals, such as cows, horses, or pigs, building your stable can help you to provide a wide area for your lively stock. Moreover, You can attach a shed to the stable to make a feeding room for your animals.

12. Big Pole Barns With Living Quarters

Big Pole Barns With Living Quarters

If you want to add extra living space, then the roof area of these simple pole barn plans is the perfect match for you. Adding a small pouch or attic can provide additional storage to store more stuff for your convenience. You can also add an oversized window for natural lighting and a chimney if you want to use the space for cooking purposes.

13. Open Horse Pole Barn

Open Horse Pole Barn

If you are looking for an extra shed for your horses, then these simple pole barn plans can help you provide an extra stable for it. You can also add a sliding door that can be folded down to let your animals have easy access in or out of the building. Associating huge windows with natural lighting to brighten up the area can be on your electricity bill.

14. Drop-Down Pole Barn

Drop-Down Pole Barn

Drop down pole barn technique is a unique plan that details in with less cover than the traditional ones. If you want to add extra space for agriculture purposes, it is recommended to use this type of pole barn for your convenience. It has an open ambience with a shed to safeguard against weather changes.

15. 16×24 Pole Barn

16×24 Pole Barn

Do you know that you can build a pole barn with old wooden material and also a new one as per your preference? The pole barn has no door or wood boards in a frame, just some wooden planks and that’s all. Therefore, it is a perfect and simple project for beginners who want to add a space for convenience.

16. 30×40 Large Pole Barn

30×40 Large Pole Barn

If the budget is not an issue for you, but you want to make an expensive and cool pole barn, this might be the correct option for you. Therefore, this pole barn may cost around 29k dollars to make. However, even if it’s large, it is mobile, and you can attach it to any truck while moving it, like a mobile house or barn. If you are someone who loves to travel then you can use this pole barn as your go-to house.

17. DIY a 16×32 Barn

DIY a 16×32 Barn

Building a pole barn of this size requires a hefty calculation and dimensions, ranging from splash boards, blockings, door frames, truss carriers and grits. Therefore, this barn holds a large amount with large cozy storage inside. Which you can use further for your convenience as a store room or workshop.

18. Tiny Pole Barn

Tiny Pole Barn

If you want to work in a limited space, this tiny miniature pole barn works ideally for you. This pole barn is around 12 × 16 and costs amazingly less than traditional ones. You can construct this pole barn for the need for small spaces.

19. Run in Sheds Pole Barn

Run in Sheds Pole Barn

If you want to go for an option that has plans for an evident storage space, Run in sheds is the perfect choice for you. Suppose you have a hard time organizing your living space. Attaching this extra additional storage can organize everything for you. You can also use this as a store room for your grains or groceries for a safe space.

20. Cozy Simple Pole Barn Plans

Cozy Simple Pole Barn Plans

If you are an amateur or a beginner and want to craft a pole barn, this is the ideal type for you. When crafting a cozy, simple pole barn, ensure that it fits the everyday surroundings and is flexible enough for your needs. Therefore, opting for this plan will let you have the liberty to get rid of the hassle of finding a cozy additional space.


When you build a DIY Pole Barn, it adds empowerment that allows you the rewarding experience of creating a functional and structural living space on your own. Therefore choose a design that aligns with the structural aspects you have as per your convenience.

Alignment of your thoughts and the design you need to add extra space can be done with the help of DIY. Here we have discussed 20 simple DIY pole barn plans that can help you with your convenience and will let you make your own living space through tutorials.

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