14 Fun and Easy Polymer Clay Projects Ideas for Adults

Polymer Clay Ideas for Adults

We are excited to reveal 14 polymer clay ideas that are tailored according to your needs. Our ideas are designed for adult creators, which will bring out the artistic side in you.

When you embark on this journey, the possibilities that you can create will be limitless. With the help of our polymer clay ideas, you will discover the joy involved in molding, sculpting, and creating fascinating clay projects.

Polymer clay is often used as a medium for kids’ crafts, but it’s also used as a pathway to unlock the inner artist in people. From fashionable jewelry to fantasy figures and decorative home design, polymer clay has the power to make your imagination comes to life.

Through this article, we are aiming to unleash captivating polymer clay ideas that would introduce you to a world of color, texture, and endless possibilities. Join us as we express polymer clay ideas that are specifically tailored according to your needs and explore the magic of polymer mutually.

1. Polymer Earrings

Polymer Earrings

To create this item, you need to shape the clay into various geometrical forms and abstract patterns. Once done, add different colors and metallic accents to create a personalized touch.

2. Polymer Jewellery Dish

Polymer Jewellery Dish

Creating a polymer jewelry dish has an easy learning curve. All you have to do is mold the clay in the shape of a dish and create patterns for it. Once the dish is created, you can keep your jewelry organized with this item

3. Polymer Planters

Polymer Planters

Seasoned polymer artist uses polymer planters to bring nature indoors. To create this, mold the clay into small pots and plant hangers and let the clay sit for a while. Once the clay structure becomes rigid, prepare to bake the clay. Once the clay is baked, your job is done. Use these planters to keep small houseplants and bring elegance to your home naturally.

4. Polymer Magnets

Polymer Magnets

These are regarded as “ fun accessories” since they form the perfect decorative item for your fridge. The making process of this polymer clay idea is fairly simple. Just mold the clay into different shapes of animals and fruits and attach magnets to their back. Boom! You have just created some stunning decorations for your fridge

5. Polymer Keychains

Polymer Keychains

We use keychains as our daily items, and adding a polymer keychain to your list would make you stand out from the crowd. Mold the clay into symbols, hearts, and initials, and then add some imprints for a personalized touch. The last step involves attaching a key ring, and then you are done.

6. Polymer Clay Coasters

Polymer Clay Coasters

To create this polymer clay idea, you have to cut the clay into coaster shapes. Once done, you have to prepare the clay for baking. Once the baking is done, add your favorite pattern, and within minutes, you have attractive home decor for your table tops

7. Polymer Bookmarks

Polymer Bookmarks

These visual interests are fairly easy to create. Mold the clay into the sizes of flowers and animals. Once done, add your unique touch by painting the clay. In this way, you have just created a personalized bookmark that makes reading super enjoyable.

8. Polymer Pens

Polymer Pens

If you want to say goodbye to traditional pens, then giving them a makeover through polymer would be the best choice. To create this item, you have to mold the clay around the pen bodies and then bake it. Once the baking is complete, you need color and texture for a personal touch

9. Polymer Candles

Polymer Candles

If you want to witness stunning visuals, then using polymer candles would be the right option. To create the polymer candles, mold the clay into shapes of figures, fantasy, and animals and then place the candle on it. As the candle burns with the glow, you will witness a stunning glow

10. Polymer Sculpture

Polymer Sculpture

Let your imagination run wild with polymer sculpture. Design animal figures, fantasy, action figures, and anything you like with clay. Let your imagination come to reality with the help of polymer sculpture.

11. Polymer Napkins

Polymer Napkins

Making polymer napkins is super easy. Mold the clay into the shape of rings and, to add a personal touch, customize it with flowers. The polymer napkins are known to enhance your table settings.

12. Polymer Wine Charms

Polymer Wine Charms

Consider a scenario where you are having a party, and you want to make your guests feel special. The easiest way to do that is by making polymer wine charms. To make polymer wine charms, you need to mold the clay into different designs of personalized symbols and fruit shapes.

Once done, attach your wine charms to the wine glasses. This would make the guests think that you have customized each glass for particular guests.

13. Polymer Phone Stands

Polymer Phone Stands

Making a polymer phone stand has an easy learning curve. To do this, shape the clay into a phone stand and add customization to it. For personalized style, you can add colors, textures, and patterns.

14. Polymer Wall Art

Polymer Wall Art

Polymer wall art makes your room look stunning. They add a touch of elegance and sophistication to your room. Shape the clay into geometrical patterns, botanical motifs, and mandalas, and watch how your room becomes the center of attraction.

6 Benefits of Using Polymer Clay

Polymer clay comes with a plethora of benefits. Some of the most striking ones are stated as follows :

  • It Always Maintains Its Shape: Whatever you create with polymer clay, an exact shape is achieved. Whether it is a jewelry item or any other gift item, polymer clay is known to give you the perfect shape you desire
  • The Best Material for Any Crafter: Whether you are a beginner or a seasoned artist, polymer clay is made for everybody. The material is super easy to mold, roll and bake and hence it becomes the best choice for all crafters.
  • Comes with Colors: Polymer clay is not limited to air-dry clay. This means that polymer clay comes in various colors, and thus, crafters can easily make intricate designs and add personal touches like textures and symbols.
  • The Best Option for Jewelry Items: Jewelry items made with polymer produce a replica of gemstones. This means that polymer clay forms the best option for making jewelry look real. Most crafters use credit polymer clay for making such items.
  • Durability: Seasoned crafters always bake the polymer clay before they shape it into any of their crafts. Once the clay is baked, it becomes durable and long-lasting. Thus clay artists prefer to bake their clay when they are serious about making their craft have a long-lasting period.
  • Reworking Can Be Done: No work is wasted while using polymer clay. This is because even if a crafter doesn’t like the final product, then the polymer clay can always be used, reused, and reshaped.

Precautions While Working with Polymer Clay

  • When you work with polymer clay, then make sure that you always wash your hands. If you do not wash your hands and use your dirty hands while cooking or eating, then you are inviting contamination in your body.
  • While working on a craft with polymer clay, make sure that you avoid touching your face. When this precaution is followed, you will save yourself from skin allergy and irritation.
  • Always make sure that you have a dedicated surface while using polymer clay. This will help you from other surfaces that are nearby.
  • Uncured clay has been shown to damage plastics and metal when they come in contact with them. Always makes sure that when you are working with polymer clay, plastics and metals should be avoided.
  • Use polymer clay with proper ventilation, as polymer clay can give rise to fumes. In addition, polymer clay should always be stored in a cool, dry place which will prevent any kind of degradation.


Our list of polymer clay ideas offers endless creativity options. If you are a beginner working with clay or a professional clay artist working with polymer clay brings out your artistic skills and helps you create stunning handmade crafts.

When polymer clay is used to create personalized gift items, jewelry, and other sculpture, then your imagination becomes a reality because you now have a medium that incorporates various techniques like painting, molding, and sculpting and develops art that you never thought was possible.

We hope that with this comprehensive tutorial given in this article, you now have the power to create unique items that reflect your personality and style; the polymer clay ideas discussed here offer makes your craftsmanship come to life.

Frequently Asked Question

I Am Extremely New to Polymer Clay; What Kind of Items Should I Make?

If you are new to polymer clay, then starting with simple projects would be a wise pick. Shape the clay into making decorative magnets and keychains. Since you are a beginner, we have suggested these items as they are easy to make and require minimal techniques.

Will I Have the Option to Mix Colors in Polymer Clay?

The answer is a resounding yes. Polymer clay comes in different colors, and you will have the authority to develop custom shades using other colors. Play as much as you like with color items and create a personalized item for your project.

How Can I Make My Polymer Clay Last for Longer Periods?

Use the technique of baking to ensure that your polymer clay is durable and strong. Now if you want to prevent it from having any scratches, then using a protective varnish would be a wise option.

Can I Mold the Clay According to My Preference?

Yes, absolutely; polymer clay is a medium that brings out the creative side in you. Play and experiment as much as you like and create patterns, textures, and colors that suit you. On every project by creating a personalized touch

How Can I Find All the Necessary Supplies for My Polymer Project?

Any local store selling crafting supplies will help you find all the necessary supplies for your project. Texture mats, clay cutters, baking ovens, and all the other things that you need for making personal polymer items will be available in these stores.

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