21 Timeless Vintage Bedroom Decor Ideas for a Classic Feel

Vintage Bedroom Ideas That Are Timeless | Swyft

The bedroom is one of the most personal spaces of your home, which makes it obvious why individuals always want to keep their bedroom decor in top condition. Adding some designs to your bedroom area not only makes it more appealing but can also make it more relaxing and soothing.

There are different ideas one can use to beautify their bedrooms, and vintage designs are one of the best ways to do the same. Vintage room decor has always been the safest yet one of the most striking ideas to live up to the aesthetic of your bedding room. Additionally, one can introduce vintage ideas to their spaces quite easily with just a little bit of experimentation using colors, furniture, and so on.

Here in this article, we have handpicked 21 vintage ideas that can make your bedroom look effortless and classic.

1. Add Some Fun with Furniture

Add Some Fun with Furniture

Furniture is one of the best and easiest ways to change the look of any space, and the bedroom is no different. If you’re looking to add some classic touch to your room, you may consider using distressed furniture of different kinds, including tables, chairs, cabinets, and so on.

You may get distinct types of rugged furniture on online platforms, or you create your furnishing as well. This can also help you create something new from your old furnishings, which means more sustainability.


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2. Custom Designs for Creativity

Custom Designs for Creativity

Attached are custom designs for your bedroom that can help you explore your craft and creativity. Attached furnishings have been a part of vintage homes for quite a long period, and they still haven’t lost their significance.

Using attached bookshelves or wooden boxes can easily level up the aesthetics of your room. You may also customize them following your personal choices. Going a bit bold can help create a striking look.

Not only are these items beautiful but practical as well. Adding wardrobes or shelves can enhance the storage capacity of your rooms.

3. Play with Colors

Play with Colors

The importance of using the right color in enhancing vintage room decor can’t be simply ignored. Different colors can be used to create distinct moods meaning you may choose a particular color following the vibe you’re planning to create for your room.

For instance, you may use beige or cream shades to reflect sophistication and luxury, while bright colors like green, royal blue, and more can be used to make a bold statement. Additionally, a black-and-white palette can also be used to add a classic touch.

4. Wainscoting Your Walls

Wainscoting Your Walls

Wainscoting stands for adding paneled designs to your walls. Earlier, these panels were used to make the walls more durable and conceal their damages; however, these days, it does much more than serve practicality.

Such walls are now being used to beautify your rooms. You may use different colors to panel your walls. So what are you waiting for? Bring the 80s design back to your bedroom with these paneled walls.

5. Lights for a Fairy Feel

Lights for a Fairy Feel

If you’re looking for vintage room decor, you may not afford to miss out on the importance and functionality of lights. Correct lighting can change the whole atmosphere of your place.

There are different types of vintage lighting designs available, including Italian, British, and so on. These lights are available for distinct types of placement. You may hang them on the ceiling, walls, mirrors, and other areas.

To add more functionality and be easy for you, you may consider using a switch attached to these lights. This addition can help you adjust the brightness or turn the lights on and off at your convenience.

6. Table Lamps to Create a Vibe

Table Lamps to Create a Vibe

Adding table lamps made of different materials like glass, brass, and more can make your place look more calming and sophisticated. You may place them along the bedside and can use them while reading books or more.

These lamps are available in different sizes and designs. You may get them at different ranges of affordable prices. These lamps are quite versatile, and you may use them for other areas in your home as well, including the living room and so on. So, delay no further and give a unique touch to your place with these lamps.

7. Coolness with Curtains

Coolness with Curtains

What if someone tells you that curtains serve much more than just being covers of your doors and windows? Yes, you heard it right. Not only are they considered significant for preventing light and maintaining privacy, but these days, they have been highly significant in the market to liven up your room.

Curtains made of materials like cotton, linen, and more can feel light and lively and are perfect for vintage room decor as well. These curtains are available in different designs, shapes, and sizes.

8. Velvet Sheets for Variety

Velvet Sheets for Variety

The function of velvet sheets is now no more just limited to durability but expands much more beyond that. These give your bedrooms a royal touch and aren’t easy to get wrinkled or torn, which makes them more preferred.

You may find these sheets in solid colors as well, with distinct printed patterns. They are available in different sizes as well, so you don’t have to worry about their fittings.

9. Wood for a Natural Touch

Wood for a Natural Touch

Using wooden ornaments or designs can quickly add a vintage touch to your bedroom. The best part about using such designs is that not only are they stylish but environment-friendly as well.

In addition to this, they allow you to explore your creativity to the next level. You can use them in several ways with different types of furnishings.

Mix and match of different colored woods and types, old and new woods, could give a distinct look to the vintage room decor.

10. Wallpapers for Layering

Wallpapers for Layering

When it comes to vintage room decor, you try all kinds of decor essentials to beautify your rooms, but what if a simple wallpaper can change the whole look?

Different wallpapers can accentuate the vibe of your room in distinct ways. Some wallpapers can help create a happy vibe, while others can make it look more relaxing. Some wallpapers can bring royal touch, while others can be used for simplicity. Blocked designs and check patterns never go out for style.

Choose your vibe and decide on these wallpapers accordingly.

11. Rustic Holders to Bring Innovation

Rustic Holders to Bring Innovation

Rustic designs are one of the primary names that come to mind when thinking of vintage room decor.

Considering their demand, manufacturers all around the world are employing these rustic designs in building different furniture like cabinets, holders, and so on.

Rustic Holders are safe, steady, and eco-friendly as well. You may use them for holding candles.

12. Frames for Fun

Frames for Fun

Using frames can help you add a classic touch to your bedroom quite easily. Rustic or distressed frames can further accentuate the beauty to another level.

These frames come in different shapes, like circular, rectangular, oval, and so on. You can get them in different sizes as well. These can also be painted and decorated to create a customized design of your own.

You can hang them or place them on tabletops for an antique touch.

13. Mirrors to And for Style

Large Antique Wall Mirror Ornate Frame Antique Ornate Wall Mirrors with regard to Big Antique Mirrors

Be it vintage, modern, or any other theme, mirrors can always prove beneficial to all of them.

Using mirrors with rusted borders can elevate the beauty of your bedroom in just a few seconds. It is advised to position mirrors in areas that catch the light to help you gather everyone’s attention. In addition to these, several mirrors can also create an illusion of making your room look bigger than reality.

14. Frills for Romance and Royal Themes

Frills for Romance and Royal Themes

Little things make a big difference, and frills or laces are one of the best examples to prove the same. As small things as adding frill-designed bed sheets or curtains can level up the decor of your room.

You may consider using laces or frills according to the color of your sheets or walls to create a more subtle look. These designs can help create a look of expensive vintage room decor at affordable prices. Also, they are available in different designs and colors.

15. Chandeliers- The Classics

Chandeliers- The Classics

When it comes to house decor essentials, Chandeliers are counted among the top items on the list. The reason behind the same remains their usage and style that have been trendy for a very long period. For a good time, these accessories have been associated with luxury, and their beauty is known to catch everyone’s eye.

The unparalleled beauty of these accessories makes them a must-have vintage room decor essential.

Additionally, these are also noted for their space-saving features, as they allow you to add some lighting to your room without taking up any floor space.

16. Jewellery Organiser for Multipurpose Usage

Jewellery Organiser for Multipurpose Usage

The term Jewellery Organiser sounds quite fancy, and trust me, its function and design perfectly stand to its fancy name.

As the name suggests, a jewelry organizer is a frame designed in a unique way that can help you organize or hone down all your regular jewelry in one place. It means introducing these decor essentials to your room not only adds style but storage while saving space at the same time. Sounds fascinating, right? Well, it is; imagine having an accessory that serves you three benefits in a single design.

17. Tapestry with Art

Tapestry with Art

If you’re an art lover willing to showcase some artistic designs in your bedroom, then Tapestry can be an ideal pick.

Like mirrors, these can also help make your room look bigger. In addition to that, their association and craft style of ancient times makes them a classic vintage decor item. These are available in different shapes and designs, and their versatile usage makes them more preferred.

You may use them as covers for your furniture, like a table or sofa, or you can use them as hangings.

18. Accessories for The Final Touch

Accessories for The Final Touch

The selection of accessories plays a significant role in giving your bedroom a vintage touch. Accessories like retro telephones, clocks, rugs, candle holders, vinyl records, and more are considered the best antique items.

These accessories may look small and feel like nothing to you, but altogether their design and placement help create the finest details in your room.

19. Creating Headboards for Finishing

Creating Headboards for Finishing

A headboard may look like a simple piece of furniture connected to your bed’s head to offer it adequate support, but have you ever wondered if it does wonders in elevating the beauty of your room? Yes, you heard it right.

Different types of headboards, like wooden variants, tiled designs, and arched backs, can be used to reflect your style and approach to fashion. The fabric and design of the headboard play a major role in reflecting its style.

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Joyous Moments with Picture Gallery

Just the idea of using a picture gallery in your bedroom seems happy and lively. Imagine cherishing all your beautiful memories while also making your place look classy and aesthetic.

In addition to using your personal or real-life photographs, you may also use different artworks to add more layers to your space. These are surely going to catch everyone’s attention irrespective of where you decide to place them in your rooms.

21. Cherish Old Trunks

Cherish Old Trunks

Ever wondered if the old Trunks of parents and grandparents can also make your bedroom love more classy and aesthetic? If not, then start thinking about it now.

The rustic and old design of these accessories makes them minimalist items that reflect a highly vintage style. You can clean them and use them for storage as well.


If you feel like your space has lost its charm and appeal, you may decorate or renovate it with several distinct ideas. Vintage room decor is one of those ideas that has always been a trusted option by individuals all across the world.

This article aimed to bring you such vintage ideas that are easy to do yet help you make your rooms stand out. You may create these styles with simple accessories that level up your creative skills and the beauty of your room at the same time.

If this article feels helpful in any way, you may follow us for more decor ideas. Also, comment below and let us know which of these ideas you plan to employ in your bedroom.

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