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DIY Easy Pallet Shoe Rack

In case you need a super quick shoe storage solution, here it is! Check out my DIY Easy Pallet Shoe Rack !

People here know by now, I love to DIY and decorate! They are always on the supply~lookout for me, which is so nice and I’m so thankful! The other day, one of my friends called me super excited to tell me, she could get me 4 pallets for free! Wow! Yay, was I happy 🙂 My husband came and helped me get them home, because these are some super big real heavy duty pallets, not like the one I put on my create station


DIY Easy Pallet Shoe Rack

DIY Easy Pallet Shoe Rack/kreativk.net

So, I got 4 of these babies, and I’m super excited! Who wouldn’t be!? And, yesterday morning was finally the time to get started with them. Well, with one of them. For a while now, I’ve been wanting to do something about our front entrance. We take off our shoes, and although I have a shoe cabinet inside, there are always shoes piled up in front of our door = messy!

Well, not anymore! I used one of these pallets as a shoe rack for outside. Instead of having all those shoes lying around and looking so messy, they can be now just put in that pallet. It’s really not a big deal, to just put them there, and the whole entrance area looks a lot tidier!

Best of all, no money was spent and didn’t need any power tools.

DIY Easy Pallet Shoe Rack/kreativk.net

I painted the “inside” of the pallet with white paint I still had from previous projects. Just roughly and only the outer parts. It soaked in really quick, and the sun did the rest. So, within about half an hour, this was done and ready, to be put against the wall, next to my front door. The spot was almost meant for this it seams.

I stenciled “Shoes” on it and put my succulents inside the top. I planted them in loaf baking tins and they fit right into the top.


DIY easy pallet shoe rack kreativk.net


DIY easy pallet shoe rack kreativk.net


DIY easy pallet shoe rack kreativk.net


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DIY easy pallet shoe rack //kreativk.net

And now I still have three more pallets! I think, will use them for outside, because our front patio really needs something extra…but more about that another time! So what do you think about my DIY easy pallet shoe rack??

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  • Reply
    Shiloh Humes
    02/05/2019 at 8:55 am

    Love it

  • Reply
    Aida Mohd Shah
    06/01/2020 at 1:48 pm

    planning to do this too! do you have to anchor it to the wall to keep it upright?

    • Reply
      06/01/2020 at 5:18 pm

      Hi Aida, that’s awesome! I did not anchor it to the wall, I just slipped a thin piece of wood underneath the front so it wouldn’t fall over. It’s pretty heavy and doesn’t even move.

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