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30 Days Of Hygge

Today is a little bit of a different post. Inspiration for 30 days of Hygge! No idea what Hygge is?? I wrote about it in the summer and you can find out more here. Hygge high season is Fall and Winter, as most people due to colder temps stay indoors and bundle up, unless you live where there´s summer all year round, but then my summer Hygge post is definitely for you too!


30 days of Hygge kreativk.net


Hygge is a Scandinavian concept of being cozy, enjoying the little pleasures and living at home. Today I probably mastered half of this challenge already, as I´m having a super lazy day and this post came to mind! Anyways, with the cooler weather and the darker months coming our way it´s great to have an inspiration or idea for each day to hygge, don´t you think?


30 days of Hygge kreativk.net


30 Days Of Hygge

1. Make your favourite coffee or hot drink and enjoy it sitting outside, bundled up on your patio or favourite spot.

2. Hang up fairy lights somewhere in your home to get a cozy feel.

3. Watch a favourite movie with your family or friends.

4. Go to your favourite coffee place and have breakfast.

5. Put up lanterns in your home for cozy lighting.

6. Invite friends over for coffee.

7. Go for a walk and enjoy the Autumn colours around you.

8. Organize a game night with family & friends.

9. Decorate your home for Fall. You can find some ideas here

10. Bake your favourite cake.


30 days of Hygge kreativk.net


11. Make a Fall  or Christmas Wreath.

12. Make Fall pumpkins out of fabric, like these my friend Marie made,  for example.

13. Read your favourite book, cuddled up under a blanket.

14. Make a holiday simmer pot. Find a recipe here.

15. Look at old photos.

16. Bake bread.

17. Sit by the fire.

18. Enjoy and live today, not thinking about tomorrow….[definitely what I did today!]

19. Cuddle with your love.

20. Take a bubble bath.


30 days of Hygge kreativk.net


21. Make your favourite comfort food.

22. Hang out with friends and chat.

23. Sit in the sun and soak it in.

24. Listen to music.

25. Have a Fall picnic in the garden.

26. Declutter a room. [Maybe that’s just me, but I find it incredibly satisfying and calming to declutter 😉 ]

27. Watch your favourite show all day.

28. Be thankful.

29. Bake cookies and share them with your neighbours.

30. Take a nap.


30 days of Hygge kreativk.net


Sharing is caring, pin this for later!!


30 days of Hygge kreativk.net


Well, let me know if you´re into Hygge or if you´re even hygging [is that a word ?] already!

T’is the season to take it easy and enjoy the little things in life. Let it go, Hygge each and every day and be thankful, be minimal and live simply!

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