18 Unique Types of Wall Textures to Enhance Your Home Decor

Different Types of Wall Textures

When it comes to transforming your house, you can find a number of ways that can help you to add a personality to it. Hence, textured walls are one of those ways that add charm to your boring house to a whole new level. Therefore, these types of wall textures have the power to elevate the appearance of your house.

Creating a wall texture got many benefits, and one of its many profits is that it possesses the perfect demeanor to hide wall cracks or flaws. Choosing the ideal types of wall texture is a way to enhance the appearance of your interior. Therefore, most types of wall textures create a soothing warmth, depth, and character in your household while being beginner-friendly.

In this comprehensive guide, you will be able to explore 18 different types of wall textures for your interior household to make it look beautiful. Lastly, you can also gain insights according to these texture kinds and how to use them for your aesthetic purposes.

Beautiful Textures for Your Wall to Add a Personality to Your Home

Your home is the most comfortable place that you own. Hence, it is one of the main reasons that explain why you should pay attention to your house and make investments for its betterment. Therefore, painting your home is essential for designing your interior landscape. And to choose the perfect color for your house, take some considerations before you settle down with some interior color or wall textures.

1. Architectural Panels

Architectural Panels

You can choose a number of wall textures for the interior of your house, and one of them is an architectural panel that gives off a classic and sophisticated vibe. Therefore, this type of wall texture is created using the help of wood to make the frame panels on the interior of the wall.

Therefore, after that, you need to paint the created frames with the same color to make the designs look like its emerging from the wall. Hence, this texture will make your interior wall look bold and elegant while adding a personality to your home.

2. Scarred Texture

Scarred Texture

Out of 18 types of wall textures, Scarred Texture undoubtedly gets second place for its unique style, which triggers amazement in many people. Hence, after you have completed drywalling, don’t leave it unattended. Instead, apply a thin layer of veneer or skim plaster to create a different texture over the interior wall.

Therefore, this will help you to transform your house with its unique feature and turn it into a magnificent piece of art. To create this design, you can take a trowel or a smaller scooper and slap the plaster into your wall, making diagonal swipes. Hence, this will dry up and look like scars creating beautiful and elegant designs.

3. Textured Wallpaper

Textured Wallpaper

If you are one of those people who like to keep it straightforward and effortless, then going with textured wallpaper is the best option for you. Therefore, this type of wall texture is an easy way to get what you want with less hassle.

Besides, these textured wallpapers are available in tons in the market, and it is a delightful way to enhance the appearance of your house. Hence, you can use them in your interior, and it’s effortless to use them around your home.

4. Classic Orange Peel Texture

Classic Orange Peel Texture

If you are in for classics, then orange peel texture is undoubtedly one of the fanciest and most popular ones on the list. Therefore, this type of wall texture is easy to create and looks superior but subtle to the eyes. Hence, if you are new to textured walls, then the orange peel texture will be familiar to you.

Therefore, to create the design pattern, all you need is a rolled-on or maybe a sprayed-on mixture of water and drywall compound. Additionally, after that, you need to apply that combination over your cleaned, primed, and sanded-up wall to create textures. These types of wall textures go well with smaller and compact spaces like a bedroom, den, or office room.

5. Comb Texture

Comb Texture

If you like the thought of having something that suits your vintage taste, then this type of wall texture is the thing that will perfectly accompany your art deco style theme. In addition, this textured style is also something that is effortlessly achievable by a course of people who are beginners.

Hence, to achieve this style, you need a trusty drywall compound space and a comb-like trowel. Moreover, the outcome of the design depends solely on you. For instance, you may like symmetrical fashion, or you may also prefer to create patterns that are vertical or horizontal. You can also make them look straight or curvy while being closer or apart; the texture is flexible enough for endless possibilities.

6. Venetian Plaster Texture

Venetian Plaster Texture

Are you looking to create a romantic, beautiful room for your partner? If you are more likely to have a romantic personality and want to show it off through your room, then Venetian plaster texture is the best type of wall texture for your purpose.

Hence, to create a romantic appearance around your bedroom, you can play with this texture. Hence, apply a thin layer of marble dust and plaster on the wall to create those gorgeous textures.Afterward, you have to sand and buff them gently to make them smoother. Therefore, this will instill depths of the layer in your walls with a smooth finish.

7. Rose Bud Texture

Rose Bud Texture

Rosebud texture is similar to the slap brush technique, in which you need to slam on your wall with a rosebud brush or thick bristle brush. To create the beautiful blossoming designs, you need to slap the wall more precisely to make it look like it was rose buds.

Therefore, the slap brush technique allows you to cover the wall with the slaps all over your place. However, making the rose buds are a matter of technique, and you have to build the rose budding designs carefully. You can make these patterns in a room with good sunlight as it makes the design look more blossoming.

8. Sand Swirl Texture

Sand Swirl Texture

Sand swirl texture is a type of wall texture that is ultimately created by the combination of spray sand and comb texture. Similarly, when you use spray sand, you need to make a mixture of primer/water and sand while letting it sit overnight.

And after the mixture is set the other day, you can grab a thick brush to create the patterns. However, you don’t have to go for polished looks just like you did in the combed texture. Instead, settle down with an unpolished appearance for the wall. Moreover, you can go ballistic with the designs while experimenting with new whimsical results.

9. Lime Wash Texture

Lime Wash Texture

If you are one of those lowkey people that likes to keep everything subtle, then going up for Limewash texture is the best option. Hence, through this type of wall texture, you can draw dimensions into your interior wall without much fuss or hassle.

Therefore, the technique gives a light, elegant texture to your home. Besides, it has a chalk-like finish which gives off the hue of the lime wash itself. It is very effortless to apply, as you only need to use it as paint to get that smooth, beautiful texture.

10. Knockdown Texture

Knockdown Texture

The knock-down texture is a unique technique that you can use around your house with different application methods. Therefore, this technique gives you a subtle appearance to your interior wall. Moreover, this texture looks sophisticated and aristocratic to your visitors.

Hence, you can either spray knockdown or splash knockdown to create texture for your home. Furthermore, there are more techniques that you can use before you decide which one to prefer for your knock-down method. Afterward, you can remove the excess plaster to create a lesser dimension.

11. Right-Angled Texture

Right-Angled Texture

You can never go wrong with the right-angled texture. Therefore, you can use this technique to create fine textures and hues in your house. The types of wall textures can make an outcome on how well your home will appear.

Hence, to create this method, pick up a trowel or scooper that has a prominent right angle to create the texture. Afterward, you can add layers with plaster while leaving the edges to look thick and distinctly pronounced. Moreover, this design appears symmetrically geometric and makes your ordinary wall transform into a sophisticated piece of art.

12. Spanish Lace Textures

Spanish Lace Textures

Spanish lace texture is considered amongst the toughest ones to create. Oftentimes, this method is said to be more time-consuming than others. And most of the time, people confuse this with the knockdown technique in terms of appearance. Spanish lace takes a little more effort to accomplish while having a refined and cleaner finish.

Therefore, to create this technique, apply plaster or mud to your interior wall with a spray gun or roller. Afterward, create different patterns with a sharp tool or thick knife and hand paint them over with any color you prefer. And once you are done with the whole process after it dries up, repeat the method while creating different patterns.

13. Faux Bricks Texture

Faux Bricks Texture

If you are one of those who likes vintage and retro things, the faux brick texture is undoubtedly your call. Therefore, this idea creates a cool industrial look for your household with a coating of plaster that hides the faux brick panels. Moreover, the finished result will make you feel in awe of the style it poses.

Therefore if you adore brick wall styles, this is the right choice for your interior. The coatings of plaster will exaggerate the panels of the brick, gaining the attention of your neighbors and visitors.

14. Card Board Application Texture

Card Board Application Texture

Although the cardboard application seems to be at the 14th number on the list, you still can’t miss out on its beauty. Therefore, you can cover your favorite color or paint using cardboard for its application on your interior walls.

The simple texture will amaze you with its gorgeous finish. Whereas the end results are charming and rustic while giving up the simple texture view that gains the attention of numerous visitors.

15. Subtle Texture

Subtle Texture

Whenever the thought of texture walls comes into your mind, you mainly go through types of wall texture that look daunting and tough to apply. However, you might be wrong with your opinion about it. Therefore, you can use subtle types of wall texture to enhance the appearance of your interior wall.

Moreover, this will give beginners a boost of confidence to start up with the textures. Subtle textures look gorgeous on the giant wall and make your living space look elegant for your livelihood.

16. Shiplap Texture

Shiplap Texture

Suppose you are one of those folks who likes to keep it humble without being too artsy and bossy with your interior design. Shiplap is a method that can give you the benefits of a classical texture without appearing too abstract.

Therefore, this type of texture goes diligently with farmhouses, stylish bathrooms, living rooms, marine-styled bedrooms, or quaint. The design looks and is effortless to install around the interior to create transformations in the house.

17. Faux Fabric Texture

Faux Fabric Texture

Faux Fabric Texture, does it sounds very fancy and exquisite? But the question that arises is how do you create the design. Many people avoid creating this texture around their household because of its complex appearance, as most of them find it hard to form.

However, you can effortlessly make the design with the use of a dry brush and stroke it through the wet glaze of wall paint. Hence, this will create a structure that looks like a woven part of the faux fabric. Moreover, you can try different colors to play and experiment with different designs and styles.

18. Faux Denim Texture

Faux Denim Texture

Similarly, like Faux fabric, Faux Denim is a classic style that can amaze you with its aristocratic yet modern styling technique. The denim design looks beautiful in modern, trendy kinds of houses. However, there are a few things that you need to take note of before you make any arrangements. First of all, you need to carry a blue color to create the denim color. Secondly, you need to create strokes around the wall, not only vertical strokes but also horizontal strokes.


Adding a nice texture to your walls is a fantastic way to elevate the overall looks of your interior and make your home feel wonderful. Hence, here you can explore a wide range of wall textures to pick from as per your aesthetic and personal preferences. Moreover, you can’t ignore the benefits of textured walls, such as adding a personality and giving character depth to your house while hiding all the imperfections on the wall.

In the above-mentioned list, you can find that each type of wall texture has a unique character and aesthetic. Hence, it’s not bothersome if you are more of a vintage style person or someone who likes to keep it sophisticated; there is a wall texture that will suit your aesthetic preferences. Moreover,there are many beginner-friendly textures to get started with as an amateur who wants to transform their houses.

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