18 Creative Ways to Build Goat Shelters: DIY Plans for Free!

Free DIY Goat Shelter Plans

If you’re considering raising goats in your backyard, then the first thing to arrange for them is a proper goat shelter. Goats are very useful pets. They provide milk that is rich in protein. Milk proteins also help in boosting the immune system, and newborns should be given goat milk as a replacement for Colostrum.

Therefore, it is our responsibility to provide them with appropriate shelter. Goat shelter will also protect them from harsh weather conditions and also provides them comfort. You can easily buy goats from the market; therefore, arranging a goat shelter is the top priority.

Here are the top ideas that you can use for building a reliable shelter that can provide them comfort and security. The best part about these options is they require very less investment of time and money.

1. Simple Three Sided Shelter

Simple Three Sided Shelter

This is an easy way to build a goat shelter. You need three wood palettes and can build a shelter in a day. Dimensions of the wood palette can be according to the space. As an example, we have used 6 by 3 wood dimensions, screwdrivers, plywood, paint, and brush. The steps are as follows:

  • Choose the spot for building the shelter.
  • Dig six holes in the corners of the spot.
  • Holes should be around 6 feet deep.
  • Insert the 10 feet tall pole in the hole.
  • Cut the first three sheets into 10 feet in length and the other three into 9 feet.
  • Install the sheets into the hut shape.
  • Take an idea from the picture.
  • Add screws to build the shape.
  • Use the cement to glue them together strongly.
  • For the roof, use a tin sheet to tighten and screw it.
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2. Pallet Board Goat Shelter

Pallet Board Goat Shelter

Anyone can build this shelter, even the people with the least experience. Just order the wood pallet, drill, and 1-2 inches long screws and follow these steps. You will get your shelter ready with the least effort:

  • Choose the area and then the dimension of one wood pallet.
  • Do the calculations and count the total wood pallet required.
  • Make the sketch on the land.
  • Dig holes to insert the wood pallet.
  • Make a strong wall, and then do the same for the other two.
  • While making the wall, check the grip of the screws.
  • For roofs, you use the tin shed with grass, which will help in maintaining the temperature.
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3. Portable Goat Shelter

Portable Goat Shelter

Goats are very sensitive to the environment and temperature; thus, portable shelters are great options for that. In a portable goat shelter, you have the convenience of moving goats to a suitable environment. Building a Portable Goat Shelter is easy; you need a pallet of wood or metal. For movement, it’s best to use high-quality wheels, and for easy lifting, you can go for lightweight aluminum. Here are the things that you should follow to build a shelter:

  • The area depends on the number of goats you purchase.
  • Then calculate the metal pallet you need for the construction.
  • For the base, use the metal sheet.
  • To include the wheels in the bottom. You have to take help from others.
  • Get a skilled welder to install wheels.
  • Make the walls and use the same metal pallet for a roof.
  • For better comfort of the goat, use the mat and grass on the base.
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4. A-Frame Goat Shelter

A-Frame Goat Shelter

A-Frame Goat shelter is named this because of its shape. You just need wood and a trap to build it. They are also easy to clean, and the shape helps in proper ventilation. This shelter is best suited for two goats. If you have many goats, then go for more than A-frame or use the portable Goat Shelter. The setup of this goat shelter is similar to a tent, and you might have got the idea of the installation after seeing the picture. You can follow the following steps while installing the shelter.

  • Decide on the area based on the number of goats you have.
  • Then make a framework that will help while cutting the wood.
  • Take good quality lumber and cut it according to the framework you have designed. Make sure to double-check the framework before connecting the lumbers.
  • After building, give it a finishing touch to avoid sharp nails or any rough edges.

5. Hoop House Goat Shelter

Hoop House Goat Shelter

Hoop shelters can be made of many materials. Thus, you can get the material as per your budget. The best material is wire mesh and a tarp. The curved surface of the shelter helps in ventilation, whereas wire mesh makes cleaning easy. The alternatives to wire mesh are metal sheets, wood, or tin. You can build the Hoop Goat Shelter in five simple steps:

  • Design and measure the shelter on the basis of the number of goats.
  • Build the frame using the materials available. Wood and Mesh wire is preferable.
  • Use wood pipes or metal rods for support.
  • Using a shed cover the goat shelter for protection.
  • Monitor the shelter for durability.
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6. Recycled Materials Goat Shelter

Recycled Materials Goat Shelter.

Are you tight on budget? Then go for the cheapest option, which is Recycled Goat Shelter. You can use plastic or wood as the base. For the cementing, you can use the composite decking of mud. You can follow the following steps for the setup:

  • Gather all the materials which you can use to build the shelter.
  • On the base, you either use a wood or metal pallet.
  • For the walls and curved roof. Go for the tarp or plastic.
  • Cement them using mud in case of plastic or screw them together in case of wood.
  • The strong cementing will make your shelter durable for every weather.
  • Use grass or woven roofing for ventilation.

7. PVC Pipes Goat Shelter

PVC Pipes Goat Shelter

Suppose you have a waste PVC pipe in your house. Then this is the right time to utilize one. You can use the pipe for making a Goat shelter which is easy to install. The maintenance of this shelter is also very easy and time efficient. Here are the steps you should take for the construction of the shelter.

  • Take the pipe with the largest diameter.
  • For the base, use tin sheets.
  • Make a four to five inches wall using a tin shed.
  • For support, use the woods.
  • Then use the PVC pipe as the roof.
  • Use glue or PVC tape to strengthen the joints.

8. Combination Goat Shelter

Combination Goat Shelter

In a combination shelter, you can use the materials of the different sheds and build a customized goat shelter. Here is the guide which will help you in building a Combination Goat Shelter:

  • Decide the area based on the number of goats.
  • Sketch the elements you want to include in the shelter, like the elevated platform, roof, and insulation.
  • You can decide this better if you know the adequate requirements of the breed.
  • Clean the site, and remove the stones or debris from that area.
  • Build the frame of metal or lumber.
  • Install the roofing, and make sure your roofing is durable and provides good ventilation.
  • Secure the shelter using fences.
  • Do check the shelter’s durability before moving goats to the shed.

9. Gazebo Style Goat Shelter

Gazebo Style Goat Shelter

Gazebo Style shelter is unique and provides good ventilation. This goat shelter is not preferred for the heavy snowfall area. In snowfall and winters, the goat can die of Pasteurellosis in this shelter. Thus, for those seasons, you can use the insulation as protection. To maintain their body temperature, use heaters in winter. Follow these steps to build this goat shelter:

  • Plan the design of the shelter.
  • In this, you can build the walls, or you can go for open shelter.
  • You need strong wood poles and proper shedding on the top.
  • If you are building a walled shelter, then use mesh wire or metal sheets.
  • You can even use the tarp curtains as walls.

10. Portable Tent Goat Shelter

Portable Tent Goat Shelter.

If you have unused curtains or a tarp in your house, then you can use it here. You need metal or wood poles for the support of the curtains. Follow the guide to install this goat shelter.

  • Install the poles in the four corners and cover them with the curtains.
  • For the roof, you can use the tin shed or canopy.
  • Ensure you leave a space for ventilation.
  • Before keeping your goat inside, check it for durability.

This is the easiest goat shelter which requires less labor and time for installation. It is perfect for summer but, in winter, it can cause some problems. Therefore, use it as a temporary shelter and go for the other above-mentioned shelter in winter.

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11. Ripstop Shelter

Ripstop Shelter.

This is a shelter that needs a little investment. You just need to buy the Ripstop shelter; it comes with the frame and the walls. Follow the manual and get the goat shelter ready in minutes. It is easy to clean, and you can modify it according to the weather with some installations inside the shelter. You can use this shelter for only two or three goats. Here are the steps you should follow while installing the shelter.

  • Choose a level area with enough space to accommodate the shelter. Ensure the ground is free from rocks, sharp objects, or any potential hazards.
  • Open the package and carefully remove all the components of the Ripstop shelter, including the main body, poles, stakes, guylines, and rainfly.
  • Locate the pole segments and connect them according to the manufacturer’s instructions.
  • Use the included stakes or any sturdy stakes suitable for the terrain. Make sure the shelter is taut but not overly tight.
  • Before bringing your goats in, do check the shelter for any sagging or loose areas.

12. Galvanized Roof Goat Shelter

Galvanized Roof Goat Shelter

You can get the pre-made roof and the frame for the goat shelter. It is a good option if you have more than five goats. You can set your galvanized roof in the following steps:

  • Take the metal frame and build it using the screws. Read the manual and follow the instructions for a durable goat shelter in very less time.
  • Carefully fix the metal frame on the ground.
  • After setting up the frame, get the measurements for the side walls.
  • Cover them up using metal sheets or wood. You can also use the curtains as coverings.
  • Leave space for the door and a window for ventilation.
  • Check for the sharp points before you bring in your goats.
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13. Tree Shelter

Tree Shelter. .jpg

Have a tree in your backyard? Use it as a goat shelter. Here are the steps to build a tree shelter.

  • Find a tree with a big canopy that can provide shade and protection in daylight.
  • Remove the debris and stones from the spots. Make sure that the spot is clean and doesn’t have any sharp material that can harm your goats.
  • Install the boundary using wood or metal wires.
  • Place water and fodder containers in the shelter.
  • Check the Shelter for nails or any sharp corners before bringing the goats.
  • Monitor and Maintain the goat shelter regularly for hygiene and health.
  • This shelter is best suited where winters are not too cold, and summers are not too hot. Because goats are not able to maintain their body temperature in extreme conditions, under the trees, they can live well during spring, summer, and early winter.


In the blog, there are many different types of goat shelters mentioned. You can choose based on the number of goats. While planning the shelter, if possible, choose an A-shape roof. Because in an A-shape roof, no water or foliage is stuck in the roof thus, reduce the chance of rusting and increase the life of your shelter.

These DIY plans are the best and most trusted method; these all are reliable and within your budget. Thus, if you find a shelter that suits your backyard, then please Comment. Share it with your best friend if they are also thinking of raising goats in their backyards.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Much Does It Cost to Build a Goat Shelter?

The cost of building a goat shelter can depend on the size and materials that are being used. At the same time, you may see a price difference between the local market and online shopping. If you are using Recycled materials for building the goat shelter, then the cost will significantly reduce.

How Long Will It Take to Build a Shelter?

The time to build a shelter can lie between one day to a week. This depends on your skill level and the design you choose. Complex designs such as Combination Goat Shelter and Three-sided Shelters require many days to build, whereas easy designs like Tree Shelter and Gazebo Goat Shelters can be built in a day.

How to Ensure Proper Ventilation?

Proper airflow is a crucial feature while building a shelter. To maintain the airflow in the shelter, you can include vents, windows, and openings. Don’t forget to cover them with a curtain in winter.

Can You These Shelters for Other Livestock Like Cows or Hens?

You can use the above methods for hens and sheep, but for cows, go for the more strong shelter. They even need more space and facilities. Therefore, don’t use them for cows; go for a professionally made shelter for cows.

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