15 Classic Mid-Century Modern Dining Table Ideas

Mid Century Modern Dining Tables that are Timeless

The mid-century modern dining table is no more a dream; you can get the best design and quality even today. These dining tables have the power to captivate the attention of everyone. The best part about these dining tables is the sophistication they consist in their construction. The sleek lines and minimalist pattern will provide an elegant touch to your dining room.

These dining tables have been known for ages and are famous for their design and space efficiency. They will help you use the space in the best way, and some of the dining tables are also extendable and can be unfolded according to the requirements.

Here is the list of the best mid-century dining table especially curated for you.

Timeless Mid-Century Modern Dining Table

1. Lily Walnut Dining Table

Lily Walnut Dining Table

Crafted for flexibility and design, it can accommodate up to 10 people. You can have the choice, as this table can be extended per your requirement. These dining tables come with board legs and a laminated finish. With this dining table, you don’t have to worry about the space and accommodation. You can tailor the size of the table as per your need. Therefore making, it is a good option for your dining room.

Mobili Fiver, Easy, Extendable Dining Table, 55,1(86,6) x35,4 in, Walnut, for 6-10 People, Expandable Dining Table for Kitchen, Italian Furniture
  • FEATURES: The Easy walnut extendable table measures 55.11x35.43 in and can accommodate up to 6 people. It features 2 extension leaves that allow the table to reach a max. size of 86.61x35.43 in, accommodating up to 10 people.
  • MATERIALS: The Easy extendable table is made of high quality melamine that can be easily cleaned with a damp cloth. The extension mechanism is made of galvanized metal. The continuity of the wood grain on the finish is NOT guaranteed. For interior use only.
  • ASSEMBLY: The walnut Easy extendable table will have to be assembled. Don't worry, our furniture has been designed to be assembled by everyone. Inside the packaging you will find the instructions and the necessary hardware.
  • 100% MADE IN ITALY: The authentic Made in Italy of Mobili Fiver features design, quality and style. Our furnishings are designed and manufactured in our Italian factories and can't wait to reach your home!
  • PRODUCTS NOT INCLUDED: You will only receive the walnut Easy table. Other furnishings in the images are not included.

2. Armen Living Polly Mid-Century Modern Dining

Armen Living Polly Mid-Century Modern Dining

Beauty lies in every curve and finish of this Armen Living Polly Dining Table; you will also get a pair of chairs with this dining table. On the edges, you will get a walnut pattern polished with grey color.

This dining table comes 18.5 inches in length and will perfectly blend with your decor. You can use them for offices, kitchens, or in your dining room. If you love Minimalisti’s modern design, then this dining table is the right choice.

Armen Living Polly Mid-Century Modern Dining Accent Chairs Finish Fabric-Set of 2, 20" Wide, Black/Grey
  • Included: 2 Dining Chairs
  • Seat Height: 18. 5 Inches
  • Upholstery Material: Polyester
  • Upholstery Color: Grey
  • Frame Material: Solid Ruberwood

3.Oak Round Tabletop Dining Table

Oak Round Tabletop Dining Table

This mid-century modern dining table will enhance the beauty of your kitchen with its enchanting design. The legs of the table are styled like a pedestal and given a buttermilk color. This table is made up of Asian wood and also called Rubber wood.

The height of the table is 29.5 inches, and the length is 36 inches. It is perfect for newlyweds. You can even buy a variety of colors on this table. Get Oak Round Tabletop and bring a perfect companion for your meals.

East West Furniture Kitchen Table, 36x36 Inch, ANT-OMK-TP
  • DINNER TABLE: Featuring a round tabletop and a pedestal base, our dining table adds a touch of sophistication to your dining or kitchen area with its elegant modern design. The rich Color finish complements any style of kitchen or dining space. Crafted from durable Asian Wood, the pedestal provides stability, while the good quality cover enhances the table's sturdiness and beauty.
  • DINNER TABLE FINISH: Featuring a surface made of Oak wooden material and sturdy Buttermilk Asian hardwood pedestal legs with an elegant curved design, this Mid-Century Dining Table offers a traditional color combination that adds a premium and sophisticated style to your dining room. Its durability ensures long-lasting quality, making it a valuable addition to your home.
  • GOOD QUALITY MATERIAL: The pedestal modern dining table in the kitchen is constructed from high-quality Asian wood, commonly known as Rubber Wood, which provides unmatched stability and durability, both of which are essential qualities that all furniture should possess. It is important to note that furniture should be viewed as a long-term investment, not a disposable item that requires annual replacement.
  • EASY TO BUILD: You are responsible for assembling this dining room table, but rest assured that we have a comprehensive guidebook with clear instructions to facilitate the installation process for this modern kitchen table. The table is delivered in two boxes - one containing the table top and the other the pedestal. Thanks to its straightforward installation process, the wooden dining table can be set up quickly, taking only half an hour to complete.
  • PRODUCT DIMENSIONS: Sizes of the fantastic Mid-Century Dining Table are: Length: 36; Width: 36; Height: 29.5.

4. Oval Tabletop Dining Table

Oval Tabletop Dining Table

Oval Tabletop Dining Table is a perfect mid-century dining table that has curved corners. Thus it is safe if you have kids. The shape of the table is not pure oval but eclipse, hence providing more space than other tables.

With this Dining Table, you can add a cozy vibe to your kitchen. The base of the table is pedestal style and gives a vintage touch. The construction of the table signifies the origin of the table. So, don’t think much and just add attractiveness and safety to this Dining Table.

5. Elegant Finish Dining Table

Elegant Finish Dining Table

Magnificent Dining Table which comes in a Rectangle shape and can occupy at least four people at a time. An addition of little inches makes this dining table a perfect fit for big families and helps them enjoy a meal together.

The table is made of high-quality wood. Thus,m timeless creativity can bring a gust of memories with time. You can’t miss out on this reliable Dining table, which will stay with you for ages.

6. Mid-Century Square Dining Table

Mid-Century Square Dining Table

Want the most simplistic and space-efficient dining table? This mid-century modern dining table is perfect for two people. You can even go for big sizes in these Square Dining Tables. These dining tables are made of high-quality Rubberwood and make it a long-lasting investment.

You can cover it using the table top and make the dining table more lovable. Thus, complement your home decor with a customized dining table. It can accommodate three to four people easily.

East West Furniture Oxford Square Modern Kitchen Table for Small Spaces, 36x36 Inch, OAK
  • MID CENTURY DINING TABLE: Introducing the Exquisite Dinner Table, a sophisticated and elegant addition to elevate any kitchen or common living area. Crafted with meticulous attention to detail using high-quality wood, this dining table exudes a sense of refined luxury while promoting a warm and inviting family ambiance. The modern and tasteful design of this rectangular masterpiece enhances the overall allure of your dining space, creating a captivating focal point.
  • MID CENTURY DINING TABLE FINISH: Presenting a professionally designed farm dining table that boasts an oak-colored tabletop and oak-finished hardwood. The sleek four legs add a touch of modernity, making it an ideal addition to any kitchen space and a perfect complement to a wide range of dining room aesthetics.
  • PREMIUM QUALITY MATERIAL: The Dining Table is meticulously crafted from the finest Asian Solid Wood (Rubber Wood), ensuring unparalleled longevity and dependability. This exquisitely designed furniture exemplifies the commitment to quality and durability that should be synonymous with all high-end pieces. Rest assured, this dining table will withstand the test of time, making it a wise and lasting investment for any discerning individual.
  • SIMPLE TO PUT TOGETHER: Self-assembly of this dining table is required; however, a comprehensive guidebook replete with lucid, sequential directives is at your disposal to facilitate the installation process. This contemporary wooden dining table can be swiftly assembled, demanding merely around half an hour to conclude the installation procedure.
  • PRODUCT DIMENSIONS: Measurements of the great hardwood rectangle dining table are Length: 36; Width: 36; Height: 30.

7. Signature Design Dining Table

Signature Design Dining Table

Give a royal and vintage look to your dining room with this mid-century modern dining table. The finishes of the table are very precisely done, which can infuse charm into your home decor.Signature Design Dining Tableis a Parsons Style dining table and occupies approximately six people. Get this dining table today for a classic addition.

You can pair them with any chairs, but for a regal look, choose the cushioned chairs. Thus, enhancing the beauty of your dining area.

8. Ashley Coviar Dining Table

Ashley Coviar Dining Table

A sleeky and minimalist design that can stand out from the rest and showcase a cleaned line profile attracts because of its tonal variations. The seating of this charming mid-century modern dining table is not only stylish but also comfortable.

Ashley Coviar Dining Table has a refined finish giving it a smooth buttery texture, making it a perfect match for big dining areas. You can also choose different patterns on chairs and even go for textured dining tables as per choice.

9. Walnut Wood Finish Dining Table

Walnut Wood Finish Dining Table

Crafted with the stylish blend, and is perfect for those who have smaller space in their kitchen for a dining table. Walnut Wood Dining Table comes with a versatile design making it a perfect choice for any decor. This table is the perfect choice for four adults. Its seamless and compact size makes it an ideal balance of functionality and aesthetics.

The best part of this dining table is the padded feet which protect the floor from scratches. Whereas to make the dining table more pretty, you can pair it with Modern chairs. Enjoy your weekend drinks or weekday meals with style.

Comfy to go 31.5" Round Dining Table, Modern Kitchen Table with White MDF Table Top & Solid Wood Legs, Small Table for Dining Room Leisure Cafe Living Room, 2-4 People(White)
  • 💛MID-CENTURY MODERN STYLE: The chic look makes this round table fit nicely into your decor with a unique look and smooth silhouette. The white tabletop is paired with a walnut-colored base for a minimalist yet warm look.
  • ❤️SMALL CIRCLE DINING TABLE: The dining table features a smooth MDF table top and thickened natural solid wood legs. Cleanup is quick and easy. The part of the table top that connects to the legs is an iron frame base with a weight capacity of 250 lbs. Sturdy and durable.
  • 💚PERFECT FOR 2-4 PERSONS: Dining table size: 31.5 "D x 31.5 "W x 30.04 "H. Comfortably seats 2 people for dinner and up to 4 people. Perfect for kitchens, small space dining rooms, patios, cafes, offices and more. Ideal for small apartments!
  • 💙ADJUSTABLE FOOT PADS: The bottoms of the legs are fitted with height-adjustable foot pads to level your table blanced with your floor. Wear-resistant pads are used to prevent your floor from scratches.
  • 💜EASY TO ASSEMBLE: The circular table comes packaged with an installation instructions and tools. All you need to do is to align the legs, tighten the bolts and the table can be assembled in 15 minutes.

10. Luminous Dining Table

Luminous Dining Table

A stunning piece of furniture that combines modern design with functionality. The striking feature of the Luminous Dining Table is the glass top which creates a sense of sophistication. The table is supported by sturdy metal legs, which makes it a durable product.

The glass top is easy to clean, giving a transitional and contemporary vibe. Whether you arrange a big family gathering or a small dinner at your home, this dining table will always be a fit and stunning masterpiece.

11. Multi-Functional Dining Table

Multi-Functional Dining Table

This Multi-Functional Dining Table mid-century modern dining table is not only aesthetic but innovation in the dining table. It has two-tier open curved shelves, which allow you to customize the drawers either on the right or left, depending on your comfort. These shelves will help you store bottles, drinks, salt, or any other objects which are required while serving a meal.

Mostly these tables are manufactured of P2 Particle board which offers excellent waterproof and scratch resistance. The framework of the dining table is of metal making it durable and stable for your daily use. Get this long-lasting addition to your home decor, which can be altered as per your preferences.

12. Wings Gate Leg Dining Table

Wings Gate Leg Dining Table.

Space-saving mid-century modern dining table which is an ultimate solution for small dining spaces. This dining table is a nice option for two to four people. The dining table has winged feet, which makes the adjustment of the table easy. If you need a big dining area, expand the legs but, when not required, you can close the feet to the closet distance hence, decreasing the space.

This table is a multi-purpose dining table that comes with six drawers hence, provide space for storage. You can keep your plates, spoon, or other utility articles required while having a meal. This Wings Gate Leg Dining Table features a Scandinavian look. Therefore, this dining table is a stylish and innovative addition to the dining room.

Livinia Wings Gate-Leg Wooden Dining Table, Solid Hardwood Expandable Drop Leaf Space Saving Kitchen Table with 6 Drawers Fully Assembled(Natural Oak)
  • 【EXPANDABLE TABLE】 Space saving design allows seating for 2 to 4 even when space is limited. Each drop leaves are adjustable according to need, allowing you to utilize the space efficiently
  • 【WOODEN CONSTRUCTION】 Constructed of solid Malaysian Oak construction with MDF top. Great choice for anyone who loves and appreciates wooden products
  • 【PRE-ASSEMBLED】 The table is pre-assembled. No assembly required!
  • 【FEATURES】 Scandinavian look with 6 drawers for napkins, cutlery and whatever else you see fit
  • 【DIMENSIONS】 Full extention to 58.3 x 31.4 x 28.9 inches

13. Multifunctional Space Saving Dinner Table

Multifunctional Space Saving Dinner Table

The functionality of this Multifunctional Space Saving Dinner Table is mind-blowing. This dining table comes with flexibility which can accommodate up to four to six people during a meal. This table can be folded according to the requirement. Fold the table to half when two or four people are having a meal. At the same time, you can fold the whole table and turn it into a storage room. This table can effortlessly adapt to your variable needs making it a practical choice.

The bottom of this mid-century modern dining table includes two sets of drawers and wheels in the bottom. Thus, you can relocate the table for gatherings or dinner according to your comfort.

14. Wooden Extendable Dining Table

Wooden Extendable Dining Table

A timeless addition to your dining area with this mid-century modern dining table. An Extendable Dining Table that serves as a charming companion for your candlelight dinners. This table has ample space to accommodate six people.

This table can be folded when not required and turned into a compact chamber. This innovation allows you to use every space of your house. The dining table comes with a set of chairs, and you can adjust them inside the table when not required. The side of the table has two storage units in which you can place your glasses, plates, or spoons easily.

15. Sintered Stone Dining Table

Sintered Stone Dining Table

Manifesting a fashionable design? Sintered Stone Dining Table has a captivating design pattern and marble finish on the tabletop. Therefore, making it a contemporary design that will add a touch of elegance to your home decor. The tabletop pattern of this Dining table gives it a sense of luxury.

Imagine how many beautiful moments you are going to share around this table. But, this mid-century modern dining table is not an appropriate choice for a small dining area as this table needs a lot of space.


These high-end dining tables are great investments that will not only elevate the aesthetics of your home but also ensure durability, craftsmanship, and long-lasting beauty.

Additionally, this above-mentioned list of dining tables offers practical features and functionalities that enhance your dining experience with options such as extendable table tops to adjustable sizes, which also have built-in storage.

Therefore, helping you make a customizable table for maximum space utilization.

We hope that this article will help you find the right dining table that fits your space and suits your personality.

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