16 Creative Ways to Accessorize Your Kitchen Countertop

Ideas For How To Accessorize A Kitchen Counter

Home decor can always throw a new homeowner in a doozy. Every space needs to be thought out and designed with a purpose, especially the rooms all family members use. The kitchen is an essential space in a modern home for reasons beyond the obvious. Today, a kitchen is a space for socializing around an island, cooking together as a recreational activity, sneaking a quick midnight snack, and hosting a group for a homemade brunch.

Be it spacious or cramped; kitchens can be adored and accessorized in many ways. It is worth considering how to accessorize a kitchen counter as it is the first perceivable space in your kitchen! Choosing the right mix of practical and aesthetic elements is important to add value to your precious counter space. The following tips will guide you on how to accessorize a kitchen counter in 16 easy and fun ways:

1. Assign Fixed Spots for Appliances

Assign Fixed Spots for Appliances.jpg

You can’t ignore the eyesores, so make them a part of your decor! Invest in kitchen appliances you can flaunt on your kitchen countertops. Display your coffee machines, mixers, and fancy toasters – for easy access for the family on hectic weekday mornings. Locate allied equipment in the near vicinity of these appliances so the functions are performed in one place. For example, arrange glasses in a cupboard within arm’s reach of the juicer on the countertop. This way, you won’t have to walk around your pristine kitchen searching for a utensil to store your beetroot juice.

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2. Display Oils and Spice Mixes

Display Oils and Spice Mixes

Arranging cooking essentials such as spices and oils in a tray near the hob has several benefits. Not only will they be easily visible when you’re searching for them while cooking, but they look great in similar glass bottles displaying their contents. After all, species deserve to be displayed, so organize these products in cohesive-looking containers and arrange them in a beautiful tray that matches the decor of your kitchen. This way, you can carry the tray of essentials with you should you move between the dry and wet kitchens.

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3. Make Room for Cooking Staples

Make Room for Cooking Staples.jpg

A great way to keep the kitchen organized is by assigning separate see-through bins for cooking essentials such as sugar, flour, and pasta. Similar-looking jars or containers labelled with their constituents can be displayed on the kitchen counter – ideally near other cooking equipment. The advantage of having small amounts of staples on the counter, as opposed to under, is knowing in advance when you’re running low on supplies. This way, you can be on the top of your pantry stocking game and never run out of food.

4. Display Cutlery and Cutting Boards

Display Cutlery and Cutting Boards

Nowadays, product brands have realized the value of good-looking chopping boards as part of interior kitchen decor. Designer serving trays, platters, and chopping boards make the kitchen look welcoming when propped up against an attractive backsplash near the sink on the counter. Additionally, an exciting way to accessorize a kitchen counter is placing these products in a wicker basket or wire rack, almost like displaying magazines on a shelf!

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5. Incorporating Stackable Storage

Incorporating Stackable Storage

A pet peeve of most homeowners is running out of valuable counter space but not wanting to compromise on putting away something on display. Stackable storage boxes come to the rescue with the option of capitalizing on vertical space. Multivitamins, blackboard chalk, supplements, and storage rubber bands are pesky items notorious for getting lost. Store them in stackable boxes that you can conveniently place at the corner of the counter. These boxes with similar widths prevent the ones on top from toppling over and paint an overall cohesive vision in the kitchen.

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6. Assign an Area to Fresh Fruits

Assign an Area to Fresh Fruits

The typical farmhouse kitchen of our dreams has a neat fruit basket on the counter. Beyond a beautiful and colorful display, displaying fruits will ensure you eat them throughout the day. Note that you need to club fruits that stay healthy together in one area. Bananas, apples, and pears cause other fruits to ripen faster, so keep them in fruit baskets separately. The best way to accessorize a kitchen counter is by displaying seasonal fruits that contribute to the whole space’s thematic interior design!

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7. Assign an Area to Dry Fruits, Refreshments, and Chocolates

Assign an Area to Dry Fruits, Refreshments, and Chocolates

Indian families love consuming soaked dry fruits as part of their morning routines. To prevent forgetting to soak the dry fruits a night prior, display them beautifully in teakwood or glass jars near where you fill and store water bottles. Almonds, cashews, and pistachios are traditionally offered to guests, so having them on hand is always a good idea. Place an assortment of chocolates with them so family members and guests can indulge in refreshments after a meal.

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8. Display Art, Books, and Trinkets

Display Art, Books, and Trinkets

Display framed art pieces, collectable coasters, and souvenirs on your kitchen counter. Add personality to a convenient space by infusing it with some life. For example, Handbound cookbooks with fancy covers and colorful paintings can be propped up against the backsplash or assigned a specific space on the neater end of the kitchen counter. Remember to display art, books, and trinkets that can be easily wiped down should catch some kitchen splatter.

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9. Display a Spoon Vase

Display a Spoon Vase

Modern art can mean anything, so why not make it functional? Locate a jar, vase, mug, or tall container to put your cooking spoons in and make it a part of your counter decor. For example, find an earthen jar, hand paint it using the kitchen’s color scheme, and store your wooden spoons. Wooden spoons of varying heights, widths, lengths, and purposes will look like a flower vase if curated well. Here is where you may etch the container vase with something unique and have it be a topic of conversation when someone visits your space!

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10. Cultivate a Green Thumb

_Cultivate a Green Thumb

Consider adding a touch of greenery to your kitchen to add some whimsy and calmness in a space that deals with chaos and fire. Choose a glass jar, vase, or tumbler of your liking, and propagate an easy-to-maintain plant inside it. For example, the humble pothos plant is straightforward to propagate and requires zero to no maintenance. Even better, display fresh flowers on the countertop. For example, place a short trailing plant on top of some less-used counter space to add a natural touch to your decor. You may even opt for fake flowers if maintaining natural greenery is a hassle.

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11. Treat the Counter as a Design Element

Treat the Counter as a Design Element

The “less is more” concept may cater to the liking of some homeowners. For them, the ideal way to accessorize a kitchen counter would be to treat the counter itself as an accessory. For example, honey-colored quartz stone or traditional black granite countertops are eye-catching and resistant to spills. You may even opt for a dupe of expensive stone counters with realistic vinyl counter stickers!

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12. Accessorize with Minimal Elements

Accessorize with Minimal Elements

If having a plethora of objects on the kitchen counter is not up your alley, find one statement piece to set the tone of the decor. Opt for a bold sculpture or accent lighting to create drama in the kitchen without using too many movable elements. In open-concept homes, the kitchen flows as part of the living room, and having that design style reflected in the kitchen is a route you could adopt. Few hand-picked items can add charm to your space.

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13. Add Engaging Signage

Add Engaging Signage

You may want to go a contrasting route to a classical design by opting for quirky decor items in your kitchen. For example, custom block-letter signs or neon murals hung on one of the kitchen wall’s backsplash or leaning on the counter look great and add character to the space.

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14. Support Fixed Appliances With Functionality

Support Fixed Appliances With Functionality

Let’s not forget that built-in appliances such as stove tops and sinks significantly impact the beauty of one’s countertop. Accessorize your practical and aesthetic countertop with functional elements for cooking, such as a stand to keep hot vessels and cutlery while cooking.

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15. Illuminate Important Architectural Features with Lighting

Illuminate Important Architectural Features with Lighting.jpg

Adequate light is a vital aspect most homeowners overlook when considering how to accessorize a kitchen counter. It is essential to illuminate the counter using task lighting that doesn’t cast unsightly shadows of the person at work right on their workstation. Accent lighting in the form of cover lights in the nooks of the counter’s perimeter can cast a gentle wash of light over the shutters and floor, bringing out their natural textures.

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16. Introduce Sustenance

Introduce Sustenance

Add a jug of water or earthen matka on the counter space closest to the main living or dining area. Especially in the summer months, a thoughtful touch is to include a water source just as you enter the kitchen. It is also nice to develop a bespoke herb garden which may add some zing to your cooking with freshly picked herbs.

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Accessorizing a kitchen counter is no rocket science. Kitchen counter decor depends on the preference of its user, as there is no fixed formula for nailing the right counter design.

A thumb rule that will enable switching out the plan is employing a neutral color palette that is easy on the eyes. Pops of color can be introduced with exhaustible elements that you can change over the years.

I hope the above-mentioned listicle will help you accessorize your kitchen top. Tell us which idea you like the most in the comment box.

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