14 Homemade Outdoor Dog Kennel Ideas [DIY]

Dog Run Ideas [Free DIY Plans and Tips for a Backyard your dog will love ]

Is your dog your best friend? Your fur baby deserves a safe, friendly environment to play in and relax. A dog kennel is a perfect way to keep your dog happy and safe.

Keeping your dog occupied when you’re away to help your dog burn off energy, the dog kennel is a nicer option than a boring cage. You can also add features like shelter, water bowls, and treats that your dog loves.

Don’t know where to start? In this blog, we will discuss the best budget-friendly dog kennels, DIY tips, and tricks to build a safe dog run while considering the backyard space and the size of your dog.

1. Fenced Dog Kennel

Fenced Dog Kennel

Kennels provide great comfort for dogs if your dog is crate trained or if you are trying to train your dog. A fenced dog kennel will provide a safe and secure place for your pooch in your backyard. Here’s how you create a fenced dog kennel at home.

  • Once you choose the location, measure the area, considering factors like the size of the dog and backyard space.
  • Build a wooden frame using high-quality lumber which can resist any weather conditions. It is recommended to have a kennel at least 6 ft in height and 8 ft wide for large dogs for easy movement inside the kennel.
  • Now attach the mesh or wire frame to the wooden frame using staple guns or screws. Make sure the frame is tightly attached to ensure the safety of the dog.
  • Now set a door that is large enough for your dog to enter and exit comfortably.
  • Now add a wooden roof; you can use a material of your choice, like wood, fiber, or metal. It is advised to have a wooden roof to sustain heat on sunny days.
  • You can also add additional features like toys, a comfy bed for your dog to relax, and water bowls.
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2. A-Frame Dog Kennel

A-Frame Dog Kennel

A- frame dog kennels are suitable for small and medium-sized dogs and are relatively easy to build. These kennels are small and compatible; this will make it easy for you to change the location when needed.

  • Gather the material you need, like plywood, screws and nails, hammer, measuring tape, saw, etc.
  • Measure the size and assemble a square frame. Make sure it is large enough for your dog to move comfortably.
  • For the roof, take 2 plywood and make an A-frame and fix it on top of the frame.
  • To make a door, make the shape and cut it depending on the size of your dog. The door should be spacious enough for safe entry and exit.
  • For a finishing look, paint it with cool colors, which also protect it from weather conditions.
  • You can also add special features like a comfortable bed, toys, and a water bowl.

3. Dog Kennel with Gazebo

Dog Kennel with Gazebo

A Gazebo dog kennel does require careful planning and execution, but it also provides complete visibility, which allows you to keep your eyes on your dog. You can either purchase one online and turn it into pet friendly, or you can build one.

  • Start by building the frame, and use plywood to create the walls of the kennel. Make sure the frame is sturdy enough to withstand the weight of the dog.
  • To build the gazebo, you can use the same material you used to build the frame, or you can use materials like shingles, metal roofing, or plastic.
  • To make it a more welcoming and personal space for your dog, add special elements like a bed, rug, pillows, hanging toys, and a water bowl.

4. Luxury Dog Kennel

Luxury Dog Kennel

If you have a large backyard, then this luxury Dog kennel could be a perfect place for your pooch to spend time when you are away. As the name suggests, this will not dig your pockets, but this dog kennel does need careful planning, creative vision, and a deep understanding of your dog’s behavior.

  • Build a large frame that is at least 6 ft tall & 10 ft long, sturdy and strong. Create a small room in one of the corners of the frame and leave a rest open for your dog to walk around.
  • Add a roof using the same wood, or you can either use metal roofing or any material of your choice.
  • If you have a small or medium dog, you can even add a small foldable pool for your dog to relax.
  • Add a door that is at least 4 ft wide for easy entry and exit.
  • To make this dog kennel more beautiful and elegant, grow some plants around the kennel, be careful while choosing the plants as some plants are considered toxic to pets.
  • Add special features like a cozy bed, hanging toys, a bench for food, and water bowls.
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5. Kennel with Digging Area

Kennel with Digging Area

Digging is a natural behavior in dogs; most of the time, they dig out of boredom or to entertain themselves. Suppose you have a designated digging zone to provide both physical and mental stimulation. In some cases, digging is also a sign of insecurity or a feeling of threat.

  • Measure the area, set the posts, and add a wire fence and a rooftop of at least 6 ft tall if needed.
  • Add a gate that is at least 4 ft tall and 3ft wide for easy access.
  • Fill the digging zone with sand and dirt; you can also add your dog’s favorite toys and sprinkle the favorite scent of your dog to associate the activity with a positive experience.

6. Portable Dog kennel

Portable Dog kennel

A portable dog kennel is a great option if you want to move it around, and it is also easy to carry when you want to take your dog on vacation with you. Though the process is a little different when compared to other dog kennels, it can be easily made with sustainable materials. Here’s how you do it.

  • Choose the material you want to use to build the frame; you can go for wood, metal, or PVC pipes.
  • Gather all the material you need, like a sturdy base, wire mesh for sides and top, screws, nails, and measuring tools.
  • The base of the kennel should be at least twice the size of the dog; make sure it is large enough for your dog to move around. Make a frame with the material you choose; it is recommended to choose metal or plywood to withstand the weight of the dog.
  • Attach the wire mesh as walls and on top using screws. You can attach a premade door, or you can cut one, but ensure that it is large enough for your dog to enter and exit.
  • Attach the handle on top or on either side of the kennel. You can add small curtains on either side for shade and privacy.
  • You can add elements like a small foam bed for your dog to sleep and a few favorite toys.

7. Kennel with Textured Floor

Kennel with Textured Floor

Some dogs find textured floors soothing and relaxing, as they provide traction and are especially good for blood circulation in paws. Old dogs that are prone to slipping and falling dogs with mobility issues do enjoy a textured floor.

  • Attach mesh to the frame and create a door to ensure easy and safe entry and exit.
  • Fill in the kennel with the desired texture, you can make the concrete floor, or you can choose soft gravel, pea gravel, pebble stones, cobblestones, or turf.
  • Add a bed at one of the corners for your dog to sleep and amenities like toys, a bench with water and food bowls, etc.

Make sure to test the texture and use it only if your dog is comfortable. Consult the veterinarian if your dog has any hip or joint issues.

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8. Kennel with Elevated Platform

Kennel with Elevated Platform

Incorporating an elevated platform in the kennel not just reduces the surface space but also helps your dog by improving physical balance and mental health. The space under the ramp can be used by the dog to cool off.

  • Build a large frame using plywood, and make sure the frame is sturdy and level to withstand the weight of the dog while it is jumping and running around.
  • Attach a mesh to the frame, or you can even build the walls with horizontal plywood pieces to give the frame a closed look.
  • Measure and cut plywood for the platform based on the size of the dog. Fix the platform to the frame at a reasonable height which is easy for your dog to climb up and down, using screens and nails.
  • If you are building it for a small or medium size dog, build a ramp for easy mobility.
  • Add a door that is large enough for your dog to enter and exit comfortably.
  • You can add amenities like toys, water, and wood. You can also add a bed on the platform for your dog to sleep.

9. Houdini Dog kennel

Houdini Dog kennel

If your dog is an escape artist, then the Houdini Dog Kennel is the magic you need to keep your dog safe and secure. Houdini kennel is often made of very strong lumber, which makes it chew-proof and durable. The kennel is secured with interlocking rods that are spaced too far and latches that make it difficult for your dog to escape.

  • Create a base of the desired size based on the size of the dog and your backyard.
  • Determine the height of the kennel and choose the rods based on that.
  • Cut the wood for 3 walls and drill equidistant holes to fit in the rods; make sure the rods are not too close or too far.
  • Fix the roof using the nails and screws. Ensure the height is at least 6 ft tall to prevent the dog from hurting.
  • Now attach the door to the kennel and add safety latches to the door, which are easily available in hardware stores. Fix the latches using screws and make them tightly fixed to prevent your dog from escaping.
  • You can add amenities like a bed, water, toys, etc.

10. Dog Kennel with Dog Run

Dog Kennel with Dog Run

Dogs need a more safe and more secure place to play; if you are concerned that your dog might get lost or injured, then a simple fenced dog-run kennel is the solution. This is a minimalistic version and an ideal place for your dog to play.

Here’s how you build a simple dog run.

  • Add wooden posts and a wire fence to form a play area.
  • Set up a small kennel with a small bed, water and food bowl, and toys to provide a more secure and safe space for your dog.
  • You can add a grass patch inside the fence or can even go for synthetic grass, available online.

11. Super Comfy Dog Kennel

Super Comfy Dog Kennel

A super comfy dog kennel is the perfect place for your pooch to relax while enjoying the backyard.

  • Build a frame that is large enough for your dog to walk around comfortably.
  • Build the roof using materials like shingles, wood, metal, etc.
  • Add a plush soft bed and comfortable cushions, and favorite toys of your dog.
  • Also, wrap the roof with colorful fabric for a more interesting and adorable look.
  • Add a water bowl bench, and if possible, add some flower plants around the kennel.

Make sure the bed is stitched properly, as some dogs tend to be destructive while playing.

Chain Link Dog Kennel.

  • Measure the area and dig holes for metal posts.
  • Level the posts, pour concrete, and rest it for 24 hours.
  • Attach the chain link fence to the posts using a wire cutter; you can follow the same process for the roof and door or purchase a pre-ready door.
  • You can add amenities like hanging toys, water bowls, and a comfy bed.

If your dog is good at escaping, then this is the perfect option.

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13. Sliding Door Dog Kennel

Sliding Door Dog Kennel .jpg

A modern dog kennel with a sliding door is not just a place for your dog, but it also adds an elegant look to the backyard.

  • Build a frame; use plywood and screws.
  • Attach the sliding track on top of the frame.
  • Cut the door in the desired shape, and make sure it is wide enough for your dog to enter and exit.
  • Using wood glue and screws, attach the door to the sliding track.
  • Attach a door handle to slide the door.
  • Add features like a bed, water bowls, toys, etc., to make it look more interesting paint with your favorite color or mural art.

14. Cottage View Dog Kennel

Cottage View Dog Kennel

The cottage view dog kennel is a sturdy kennel made of welded wire and a polyester powder coat finish. This provides 360 degrees view and is very safe, durable, and weather resistant; it also has a sunblock cover to protect your pooch from the sun.

  • Create a frame with metal posts and attach the steel welded wire fence.
  • Coat the frame with black powder to make the kennel long-lasting, durable, and rust-resistant.
  • Measure and mark the location to install sunblock cover on the roof. Drill pilot holes and attach the sunblock using screws.
  • Add a pre-ready door for comfortable entry and exit.
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Creating a homemade dog kennel is a very rewarding and fulfilling experience that not just provides a secure spot for your dog but also adds a touch of elegance and creativity to your outdoor space. Whether you choose a sturdy Houdini kennel or a Modern kennel, it is important to prioritize the safety and security of your dog.

We hope that this blog helps you build a kennel for your pooch, considering your dog’s needs, size, comfort, and safety. Not just that, you can add a little character to the kennel by adding toys, customized bowls, and a cozy bed to sleep in.

Wait no longer to create a space for your dog to play, relax and enjoy the outdoors.

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